Mashpi Lodge - Destinations of the future - ForestMashpi Lodge - Destinations of the future - Forest

Following the success of our inaugural “Ocean” issue, we’re excited to unveil the next chapter in our series with Robb Report UK: the “Forest” issue. This edition celebrates the world’s most magnificent forests, exploring them through the lens of borderless travel, environmental conservation, and visionary efforts for preservation.

Main Themes and Content Highlights

Legendary Landscapes: venture with us on a journey through the world’s most revered forests, from the mythical Black Forest to the hidden wonders of Africa.

Visionary Voices: connect with inspiring figures who champion forest conservation, sustainable living, and the transformative power of nature on creativity and well-being.

Art Meets Nature: marvel at the captivating works of photographers, designers, and artists who draw inspiration from the forest. Witness how they transform these sanctuaries into immersive open-air galleries.

Eco-Luxury in the Wild: immerse yourself in stunning eco-lodges, enchanting treehouses, and opulent hotels nestled within the heart of the Amazon, South America, and New Zealand. Each masterpiece is designed in perfect harmony with its forest environment.

Adventure with a Purpose:  unleash your inner explorer with thrilling off-road escapades in Canada, or uncover the hidden gems of India. Discover how luxury retreats across the globe are leading the charge in forest conservation, ensuring a brighter future for these vital ecosystems.

Forest Bathing Bliss: find your ultimate wellness haven nestled within the woods. From intimate spas to upscale sanctuaries, each retreat emphasizes rejuvenation and the restorative practice of Forest Bathing.

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