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Insider’s Guide to Sustainable Destinations Around the World

Costa Rica - WAWWSource: Image by Frank Ravizza-from-Pixabay

Now that winters are over, and in a few days, the weather will start getting warm which means it’s time to plan your vacation. Travelling is often considered a damage factor to the environment. This article will equip you with all the countries and conservancies that stand out among other places for being greener and cleaner. Combining your travelling with sustainability is just the cherry on the top thing, isn’t it? This article will encourage you to the right path with some of the most sustainable travel destinations.


Here’s a list of beautiful places that are doing for the environment in their own special and smart way

Costa Rica Waww
Source: Image by Samuel Faber from Pixabay

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a small corner in Central America, is considered one of the most sustainable countries in the world. This country shares its borders with Nicaragua and Panama. One of the most amazing facts about Costa Rica is that it produces 93% of its electricity from renewables. This tropical landscape is surrounded by both Caribbean and Pacific coastlines which are protected so that the country’s ecology and wildlife can be preserved because it holds 5% of the planet’s total biodiversity.

Costa Rica is a perfect place to travel green including cycling tours, experiencing sandy beaches, and getting the experience of rainforest and volcanoes. Costa Rica has various national parks and reserves which include CATIE Research Center, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and Manuel Antonio National Park. The CATIE Research Center protects the natural resources of Costa Rica. This country is one of the most beautiful and sustainable locations to travel to and should be on everyone’s travelling list.

New Zealand Waww
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2. New Zealand

Everyone knows that New Zealand’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world and works hard to protect its beauty by adopting sustainable practices. The country’s aim for the past few years has been to become a more sustainable nation. Overpopulation is considered deleterious to the environment and New Zealand ranks in the top 20 of the least populated countries in the world. A low-population country does not purely lead to a clean environment but it certainly has a positive impact on the environment. 

Norway Waww
Norway - WAWW

3. Norway

The slogan Norway is ‘powered by nature’ says it all, it is considered one of the greenest countries with many initiatives to promote sustainable tourism. Norway is a mountainous, green and beautiful country located at the tip of Northern Europe. Here, 8 tourist destinations in Norway have been certified by the International Sustainable Tourism initiative. 

In 2013, Norway did a remarkable thing by using waste as eco-friendly fuel to power schools, homes, shops, buildings, etc. This is why Norway is recognised as one of Europe’s largest providers of hydropower. Furthermore, Norway aims to become a CO2-neutral country by the end of 2030. To achieve this goal, they have started investing in such technologies that will diminish carbon emissions.

Iceland Waww
Source: Image by Piet van de Wiel from Pixabay

4. Iceland

Whether you visit in the summer or in winter, Iceland is beautiful in every season and hence is a perfect travel destination. The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik is recognised as one of the cleanest cities in the world. Iceland is located on the mid-Atlantic ridge and practises geothermal activity by which the entire power consists of geothermal energy which makes Iceland one of the greenest and cleanest countries in the world. A large amount of green energy is produced through the renewable energy programme of Iceland. The country’s charm goes beyond its beauty. Iceland is elected as a leader in social, cultural and environmental sustainability. 

the Azores Island Waww
Source: Image by Johan Weggeman from Pixabay

5. The Azores Island

A scenic island located off the west coast of Portugal and some 1,360 km out in the Atlantic ocean popularly known as The Azores Island without a doubt takes everyone’s breath away. The island is recognized on the Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100 regions in the world. The lush tropical landscapes and crater lake of this island are beautiful in every season. The Azores Island is a responsible travel destination now due to its conservation and commitment towards local wildlife and green energy. 

Every year, Azores Island is getting successful in achieving its clean energy targets. The Azores also became the very first place in entire Portugal to become a certified eco-friendly tourist destination.

By Prachi Bishnoi

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