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Bushmills Whiskey: From NYC to Ireland, Exploring Its Origins

Bushmills Distillery Immersive Experience: NYC to IrelandOrigins of Whiskey
Have you dreamt of a whiskey-fueled Irish escape? Don’t we all sometimes, be it celebrations or commiserations? WAWW Guide Expert from New York, Friday Jones, gets whisked away to the Origins of Whiskey Immersive Experience Presented by Bushmills. Let’s call it a Whiskey Retreat—a mind-bending trip that throws you right into the heart of Ireland and the Bushmills story.

What is the Origins of Whiskey Immersive Experience Presented by Bushmills in New York?

The Origins of Whiskey Immersive Experience Presented by Bushmills is a cheeky blend of cutting-edge technology and age-old tradition. My journey began when entertainment journalist ElizaBeth Taylor (yes, her father did that to her, much to our ongoing delight) invited me to attend Bushmills Distillery’s immersive Northern Irish experience in the outstanding Hall des Lumières. With 130 video projectors, 54 speakers, 22 subwoofers, and cutting-edge mapping technology, we were thrilled as monstrous waves crashed and roared around us one moment, while happy spring lambs frolicked among charmingly askew stone fences the next. 

It was really something, especially when the whiskey started accelerating my senses! The sights and sounds were so vivid, it felt like I was actually transported to Ireland. The technology did a remarkable job. One moment, I was surrounded by the roar of the ocean; the next, I could almost hear the clinking of glasses in a bustling Irish pub. And the whiskey? It was like a key that unlocked a new level of perception. 

Bushmills Whiskey Tasting: Appreciating Rare Malts

Ostensibly, cool life arranged itself around Kentucky’s behemoth Jack Daniel’s with the resurgence of Johnny Cash amid the nineties rock gods. Then, for a time, we all seemed bogged down by Scotch, a more mid-century chic style that had a brief resurgence with Mad Men. But with the modern luxury market bounding endlessly and exquisitely towards precocious rarity, nothing beats the first: Bushmills is the world’s oldest licenced distillery, dating back to the spirit’s first official charter in 1608 by James I.

That evening I came to appreciate Bushmills excellent standard whiskey, but the taste progression of the whiskey flight was incredibly revealing. The difference between the 30-year-old single malt and the younger bottles was absolutely distinctive, with the latter slipping like velvet on and off the tongue, tangy warm cherries as it went.

Rare indeed, with only 100 cases of this exquisite product available to the US a year, I found myself wondering what tri-decade wedding anniversary I could gift with this peaty pearl. Certainly, a young millennial would appreciate whiskey as old as they were! 

How to Plan Your Irish North Coast Adventure

With the dram still cuddling my tongue, I recalled my many visits to stunning Ireland, including a stint on Ireland AM, the country’s morning talk show. To focus on the intent of this article more acutely, I enlisted Belfast bestie Tony Kernan to take me on a deep dive into the North Coast. 

Point 1: Bushmills Distillery. When arranging an excursion to the Irish north coast, the distillery is a useful anchor point. The village of Bushmills is sandwiched between two vast national parks of official “Outstanding Beauty.” The A2 along the wild Antrim Coast will get you from the Glens Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to the Binevenagh Area of Outstanding Beauty and back again.

Point 2: Galgorn Resort. Finding luxury accommodations along the castle-laden north coast is not difficult. However, the multi-award-winning, dog-friendly Galgorm boasts a riverside thermal village and robust wellness offerings, as well as golf excursions sure to please all parties.

Point 3: Surfing Mullaghmore. Wave riders won’t want to miss the trek from the family-friendly surf/golf village of Portrush to witness one of the world’s biggest breaks. The mighty, terrifying Mullaghmore is described by Surfer Today as “a tantalising beast with long-riding, fast-charging, fat-lipped tubes.”

Point 4: Horseback Riding. Not far from Portrush and a perfect way to wind up a day of nature’s adventures, consider taking your loved ones on a sunset ride along the beach. 

Crindle Stables offers a two-and-a-half-hour trek along the romantic north coast.

Link: the Origins of Whiskey Immersive Experience Presented by Bushmills

By Friday Jones, WAWW NYC Contributor

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