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Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinea


One of the most renowned insiders to the world of travelling is Matt Piault. The high-end concierge has over a decade of experience when it comes to exceeding his customers’ expectations. His company, rightfully named “The Escapist”, has ever since granted his clients access to memories that last a lifetime. He and his team will leave even the most seasoned travel-expert in awe. He does all of this through an astounding network of experts, keeping himself curious and most importantly: bringing all his playful creativity into curating the most incredible adventures. 

These are his most exciting destinations around the wonderful world we live in. Be prepared for this article mimicking what Matt does best: exceeding expectations. Because, spoiler-alert, we’ll also visit the one destination that lets us look down on our beautiful blue planet: space itself.

Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea

1. The Forgotten Islands of Papua New Guinea

Imagine sailing through unexplored territories where there are no tourists, only ancient tribes, and enchanting wildlife. Star-adventurer Johan Ernst will take you on a mesmerizing 10-day-trip to experience one of the least explored areas on the planet. Starting from Sorong, which is in West Papua, you will be island hopping and discovering the untouched secrets of Penemo, Wayag, Alyui Bay and Kri, before returning to the harbor of Sorong

You will be housing on board a  majestic sailing yacht with a length of 180 feet, housing up to 18 guests at a time. An expansive living room, 9 high-end suites and all accommodations you could possibly ask for will make you feel as comfortable as can be. 

The curated activities are among the most exciting, too. You will be waterskiing in literal paradise, exploring hidden caves, and setting foot on the most amazing beaches known to man. Your inner Columbus will squeal out of pure joy. Of course, the list of activities doesn’t end there. Meeting local tribes, mysterious and intriguing birdwatching or a dive down to the wrecks of WWII-planes will be on your bucket list, too. 

While all of this sounds amazingly rewarding for you and your loved ones, good things are accomplished while enjoying life to its fullest: your sailing-adventure is directly supporting the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation, contributing to keep Indonesia free from plastic.

Aerial view from a Bloon test flight
Aerial view from a Bloon test flight

2. A Literal Trip to Space

Why not consider a trip into space? What sounds like an outrageous concept, is in the works of manifesting into reality as soon as 2022. This is not a joke, as several private companies are actively working towards opening space-travel for you and me. Given you’re able to spare the change, you’ll be floating around space in no time. Do names like SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and Zero 2 Infinity ring any bells? If not, be sure to read our full guide on space-travel, where we introduce you to a variety of opportunities to give good ol’ space a visit very soon. The future is here!

Gorilla watching in Rwanda
Gorilla watching in Rwanda

3. Gorilla watching in Rwanda

During the following 8 days, you will uncover the secrets of Rwanda. Upon arrival in the capital city of Rwanda, Kigali, you will check in to Kigali Serena Hotel, enjoying an insightful briefing of what awaits. After your Covid-19 test is conducted by the hotel’s medical staff, you’re free to roam the city and return for an opulent dinner. 

Day 2 starts with a domestic flight to Kamembe, where you will be lucky enough to stay at the One&Only Nyungwe House. The afternoon is free for you to unwind amongst the elements, or take part in one of the many complimentary activities on offer. Spear throwing, a superb tea-tasting or exploring the scenery via bicycle, the choice is yours. 

As early birds are best to catch a worm, your next day starts bright and early. Nyungwe’s National Park Chimpanzee Trek awaits to experience close encounters with our biological ancestors. The playfulness and human-like characteristics make this journey endlessly rewarding. The afternoon, again, is to your leisure. Either for relaxation, or to take part in a new activity of your choice. 

The following days ramp up the excitement to new levels. Not only will you be doing a legendary Canopy-Walk on the Igishigishigi-Trail, but you can also indulge in the experience of a memorable stay at the One&Only Spa. After all, not only our mind remembers experiences, but our body does also.

After returning to Rwanda’s capital, you will be transferred to the One&Only Gorilla’s Nest. From there, the Volcanoes National Park is waiting to welcome you on the Golden Monkey Trek. Observe the infamous Cercopithecus Mitis Kanditi playfully leaping from bamboo branches and greeting you with their inquisitive nature. 

Day 7 describes the pinnacle of your adventure. Gorilla-Trekking is often described as “life-changing”, and rightfully so. Experiencing these mystic and calm creatures in their natural habitat is a truly unique moment. Be sure to feel the euphoria coming along with this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


4. The Ultimate Antarctica Expedition

Now this one really isn’t for the faint of heart. On this incredible exploration, EYOS Expeditions will take you on board the “La Datcha”, the only super-yacht capable to deliver this once-in-a-lifetime expedition. 

At 4 AM on December 4th, 2021, a total solar eclipse can be experienced in the Scotia Sea around the South Orkney Islands. This phenomenon will not occur here again for another 400 years. And honestly, who really is willing to look that far into the future. 

Of course, this is not the sole reason to travel to Antarctica. 

“La Datcha”, not only housing clients and crew, also has two helicopters enabling you to reach the most far-off destinations. Making a visit to observe wild Emperor Penguins is just as much part of the suspenseful activities as a ride down the untouched slopes of the Antarctic Peninsula. All under supervision of not only experienced pilots, but also the best polar ski-guides to deliver the most exclusive skiing experience on the planet. Oh, and if you think the beautiful scenery above sea-level is a tad too generic, why not have a submersible deep dive down to the Marianas Trench? We’re waiting for your vacation selfie in the comments below.

Flory Kern
Flory Kern

5. Heli-Skiing with Flory Kern

Flory Kern has truly made a name for himself when it comes to the excitement of riding the most thrilling slopes our planet has to offer. To find these impeccable destinations, he and his team have over two decades of experience and profound knowledge, but also, you guessed correctly, they have helicopters. 

Thrill seeking ski-adventurers can race down steep slopes of the Swiss Alps, enjoy the marvelous forests of the Khulo Valley in Georgia or straight travel to Tajikistan to explore untouched terrain on Pamir Mountain. 

His team consists of Swiss pilots with pinpoint precision, German experts organizing your trip to guarantee both excitement and safety and the tour guides are from Austria, the home of European mountain expeditions. You’re in the best hands possible; just make sure you don’t show up late.


6. The “Escapist-Week” in Montenegro

Montenegro is a true gem when it comes to beautiful destinations tickling your inner adventure seeker. After living in Montenegro for 7 years, Veronica Voronina Kohlbecker states confidently that she has seen more of the country than most locals themselves. The WAWW-editor and travel-genius has carefully curated the most exciting adventures for you to experience.

Upon arrival, the week starts with a road trip up north to visit the Kolasin area and reaching Durmitor, which will also be your base for the upcoming three nights. On the following journey down south, you will be speed canyoning, quad biking, ziplining across the Tara River Canyon and visiting the world famous Ostrog Monastery carved into the Prekornika mountains. But the list of activities goes on, of course. Early morning Yoga routines, a relaxing afternoon at the impressive Porto Montenegro or a luxurious wine tasting at the Savina Winery… No need to pick your poison; you’ll have it all.

7. RORC Transatlantic Race – Crossing the Atlantic Ocean with 30 knots

The iconic Transatlantic Race is a 2,995 nautical miles long competition between the Spanish island of Lanzarote and the states of Grenada or Antigua in the Caribbean Sea. It is organized by the famous Royal Ocean Racing Club in cooperation with the International Maxi Association, an elite society of the world’s best maxi yachts owners. Your role in this adventure? We’re glad you asked. You will take part onboard of the “Maxi Class”, a 27-meter super-yacht, competing with the best in the game for one of the highly sought-after trophies. The EWOL sailing team will make sure to teach you everything there is to know: from a general boat orientation and safety brief as well as going over the “Man Over Board” procedures. 

If this 10-day race sounds too daunting, Matt and his team can also organize participation in the Rolex Cup Regatas or a 2–3-day custom sailing experience.

Source: Johan Ernst

8. Himalayan Sunrise and a Blessing from The Dalai Lama

While we can’t promise a meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Johan Ernst and his team will inspire you for a lifetime on this 10 day stay in the Himalaya. The expedition is not only for the adrenaline seeking adventurer, but also bound to educate. Not only will you visit the most iconic monasteries, temples, and ancient markets. Visiting different charity projects is part of the schedule; as are Yoga on the mountain tops and a scenic helicopter ride to Nepali Lukla at 2860 meters. Not high enough? Don’t worry. A trek to the summit of Gokyo Ri will propel you to a whopping 5.300 meters. After this challenge, you can rest your bones on an enchanting flight around Mt. Everest and back down to Kathmandu for an opulent celebration dinner.


9. Iceland – Fire and Ice to last forever

Iceland is a volcanic Island straddling the mid-ocean ridge of the north Atlantic, with a population of merely 360.000 and more than twice as many sheep. What makes this Island truly special is its vast emptiness and breathtaking landscapes. For years, it is known as the Land of Fire and Ice, the Island itself is steadily changing right in front of your very eyes. Active Volcanoes, boiling hot springs, bubbling mud pools and spouting geysers live right next to massive icecaps and mystic glaciers. 

You will experience the most northerly capital city of the world, Reykjavik, Thingvellir National Park and the world-famous waterspouts. Taking a timeout at the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Baths is a must, so is a dive between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates at Silfra Ravine. Where better to do some memorable whale-watching than in Husavic, or explore the surrounding craters and craves. 

EYOS Expeditions will deliver whatever you fancy. An epic heli-glacier hike, light aircraft exploration or a quiet game of shooting balls on the Brauturholt Golf Course, the activities are just as breathtaking as the beautiful Island itself.

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