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Travel for Good: Around the World with Go Dharmic

Travel the World with Go DharmicTravel the World with Go Dharmic

For Go Dharmic, holidays are a chance to do good while exploring the world. Skip the luxury hotels and fancy restaurants; instead, embrace journeys that leave a lasting impact on you and the communities you visit.

Go Dharmic Charity
Go Dharmic Charity

The Story of Go Dharmic

Go Dharmic Charity, founded by Hanuman Dass in 2011, began as a mission to feed the homeless in London and has since evolved into a global movement with a significant impact on tourism. It relies on the tireless work of over 10,000 volunteers, whose reach extends to more than 50 global locations.

The charity’s mission is rooted in the concept of ‘Dharma,’ guiding its extensive campaigns and activities across the globe. On the travel side, Go Dharmic offers unique travel experiences intertwined with its compassionate objectives, allowing travellers to engage in meaningful activities while exploring new destinations. At the forefront of their efforts are the preservation of our planet through sustainable practices, the fight against poverty, education and skill development to empower local individuals, and improving health and sanitation to promote well-being.

Through these goals, Go Dharmic Charity envisions a world where compassion leads to action, and every individual contributes positively to society.

The Salt Ride by Go Dharmic

One of the charity’s notable tourism initiatives was the Salt Ride 2022, an iconic cycling journey that retraced Mahatma Gandhi’s famous salt march route in India—a pivotal event in India’s independence movement in 1930. While the original march was a protest against oppressive salt taxes, today’s Salt Ride champions a new cause: climate action.

This immersive, all-inclusive trip not only provided an opportunity for adventure but also connected participants with Go Dharmic’s mission of compassion in action. Travellers experienced the rich cultural heritage of India while contributing to the charity’s efforts in environmental action, poverty alleviation, education, health, and hunger relief.

Go Dharmic is planning another expedition along this iconic route, focusing on environmental sustainability. Participants will have the unique chance to immerse themselves in India’s rich history while supporting Go Dharmic’s ambitious goal to plant two million trees in the Dharma Forest.

Funded by generous donations, this adventure offers more than just a ride. Travellers will visit villages along Gandhi’s route, encounter landmarks like the Statue of Unity—the world’s tallest statue—and experience the daily life of Indian communities.

If you’re inspired to be part of this meaningful expedition and contribute to Go Dharmic’s impactful projects, stay tuned for updates on how you can join the next Salt Ride.

Conquer Everest Base Camp: Join the Go Dharmic Adventure

Imagine standing at the base of Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak, with the majestic Himalayas surrounding you. Go Dharmic’s 17-day Everest Base Camp trek, from 30th October to 17th November 2024, offers an unforgettable blend of adventure, spiritual growth, and community support.

The journey kicks off among the ancient temples and bustling markets of Kathmandu. Each day starts with morning yoga to stretch and centre yourself, meditation to clear your mind, and breathwork to prepare for the trek—all against stunning mountain views.

This trek dives deep into Sherpa culture and spirituality. It includes visiting traditional villages, meeting locals, and taking part in a sacred Rudravishek Pooja at Pashupatinath Temple. Plus, you’ll contribute to a feeding programme at a local orphanage, directly impacting the lives of children in need.

You will cross suspension bridges, hike through lush rhododendron forests, and marvel at Everest’s towering peaks. Go Dharmic takes care of all the details, ensuring your trek is safe and comfortable. They handle food, accommodation, domestic flights, and provide expert guidance from seasoned trek leaders and yoga instructors. Porters will manage your gear, and you’ll receive tips on coping with high altitudes.

This trek is about more than personal adventure; it’s about giving back. You’ll support Go Dharmic’s projects in education, healthcare, and environmental conservation. Raising funds for these initiatives adds a deeper purpose to your journey.

Check out the Go Dharmic website for more itineraries and create memories that will last a lifetime by joining one of their trips if you want to discover a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.


By Elena Leo and Paul Maximilian Merten