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Your Guide to Recovering Lost Luggage at UK Airports

What to Do If Your Luggage Goes Missing at a UK Airport (According to to Do If Your Luggage Goes Missing at a UK Airport (According to

Losing your luggage at the airport can throw a wrench in your travel plans. Here’s a guide on what to do next, based on advice from, along with some additional details:

Act Quickly: The Golden Hour

Think fast! Ideally, report your missing luggage within the first hour of arrival at your destination. This is especially crucial if you’re on a package holiday with a tight itinerary. Airlines prioritize locating luggage reported quickly, increasing the chances of a swift reunion.

Report the Loss and File a PIR:

Head straight to the baggage claim area and locate the lost luggage desk or the airline’s baggage services counter. Report your missing luggage as soon as possible. Provide details like your luggage tag number, flight number, and a clear description of your luggage (size, brand, color, distinguishing marks).

You’ll likely need to fill out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). This is an official document, so make sure the information is accurate. Keep a copy of the PIR and the reference number for future reference. These documents are essential for tracking your luggage and making any claims.

Hold Onto Everything!

Don’t throw away anything related to your trip or lost luggage. Keep your boarding pass, luggage tag receipts, and the PIR. These documents are crucial evidence if you need to claim compensation from the airline or your travel insurance provider.

Contact Your Airline and Track Online:

Many airlines allow you to report and track lost luggage online. Use the airline’s system and provide your PIR reference number. This allows you to stay updated and potentially speeds up the recovery process.

Packaged Holiday Woes?

If your luggage goes missing on a package holiday, things can get trickier. advises contacting your travel company immediately. They may be able to offer essential items or vouchers while the airline locates your luggage. Remember, you still need to report the loss directly to the airline and file a PIR to claim compensation.

Compensation and Timeframes:

Airlines are liable for lost luggage under the Montreal Convention. However, the compensation may not cover everything. The Montreal Convention sets a maximum liability of approximately £1,131 (around €1,300) per passenger for lost luggage. The actual amount you receive depends on the airline’s policy and the weight of your checked baggage.

Tip: Declare valuables to the airline at check-in for an additional fee. This allows you to claim a higher compensation amount if they are lost.

Patience is key. Airlines typically wait 21 days before declaring luggage officially lost. This allows time for them to locate it and reunite you with your belongings.

Travel Insurance: A Safety Net

Consider contacting your travel insurance company and filing a claim for your lost luggage. Provide them with all relevant documentation, including your travel documents, the PIR, and any receipts you have for essential items you may have needed to purchase due to the missing luggage. Travel insurance can help offset the cost of replacing lost belongings. Remember to check your travel insurance policy details to understand what is covered and any claim limits that may apply.

Additional Services While You Wait:

Depending on the length of the delay and the airline’s policy, you may be entitled to additional services while you wait for your luggage. This could include:

Essential items: Some airlines may provide you with a small amount of money to purchase essential toiletries and medications.

Accommodation: If your luggage is delayed for an extended period, the airline may offer to cover the cost of a hotel stay.

Meals: You may be entitled to meal vouchers while waiting for your luggage, especially if the delay disrupts your travel plans significantly.

Remember: While offers valuable advice, it’s always best to check the specific policies of your airline and travel insurance provider for the most up-to-date information on lost luggage procedures and compensation.

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