International Day of Peace

International Day of PeaceInternational Day of Peace

Individuals from around the world gathered together for the shared hope of harmony at the UPF headquarters in Central London on the monumental date, September 21st 2023. This event transformed the building into a hub of inspiration hosted by the Universal Peace Federation.

This momentous day otherwise known as “Peace Day”  is held every year on the same date, and celebrated worldwide with the aim to unite humanity with a common goal to prioritise peace above all differences. A day to raise awareness about the importance of peace and to encourage individuals, communities, and nations to work towards conflict resolution and the cessation of violence.

Our Founder of WAWW, Veronica Kohlbecker, was presented with an award for action in Peace. Peace day is very dear to Veronica’s heart as a business development advisor working purposely to reshape developing countries and nations through tourism and local infrastructure development.

International Day of Peace Waww

The theme of this years International Day of Peace was a call to action to recognise both the collective and individual responsibility we all have to foster peace. A wonderful reminder that when we are able to focus on how to prioritise peace, we will in turn be contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but also paving the way for a world characterised by harmony, justice, and inclusivity.

This years Peace Day event was an unforgettable experience, featuring a lineup of inspiring guest speakers including a speech by Duchess Nivine El gamal, founder of the charity. She inspired and captivated the audience of peace with her words “I believe kindness, forgiveness and respect are key in creating peace. The goal is to be able to use your work as a beautiful tool to help with peace on this planet, many people here are doing just that!”

International Day of Peace Waww
  1. Nivin ElGamal- Duchess of Lamberton
  2. Dr Ashraf Chohan
  3. Ms Natalia Kapchuk
  4. Ms Gail Catherine Gail De Souza, LLAC
  5. Ms Mirela Sulla
  6. Warveen Yasmin Al-Atroshi parliamentary candidate
  7. Mrs Veronica Kohlbecker
  8. Ambassador Nic Careem
  9. Ambassador Lorna March
  10. Mr Mohamed Amersi
  11. Mr Mohamed L. Mansour
  12. Ambassador Ahmed Shebani
  13. Murad Qureshi
  14. Cllr Linda A Topping
  15. Ms Andrea Thornton
  16. Gagan Mohindra MP
  17. Shaikha Leila Hamoud
  18. Dr. Wafiq Mustafa
  19. Lieutenant General Abdul Qayyum
  20. His Eminence Bishop Irene
  21. Sheikh Dr Hojjat Ramzi
  22. Lieutenant General Abdul Qayyum
  23. Bishop Patrick Josiah
  24. Kulvinder Singh Sethi (Vic Sethi)
  25. Armin Mostoffi Kamari
  26. Christina Estrada
  27. Prof Dia Kamel -President Of egyptian Medical Society Uk
  28. Kulvinder Singh Sethi (Vic Sethi)
  29. Fleur Josephine Butler
International Day of Peace Waww

​”​I have just come home with The Peace Award from the Universal Peace Federation! Today is the United Nations International Day of Peace and being recognized from such a prestigious organization in such a meaningful day it means a lot to me! So grateful for the support I found in the room and my friends who came to celebrate with us!

Big thank you to our amazing Nivin for being the driving force” – Peace award winner, Mirela Sula

International Day of Peace