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Are you familiar with a “new normal”? How will you adjust to travelling after the pandemic? The “new normal” doesn’t necessarily mean not travelling. It means there’s a new way to travel. During this time of transition, we have to ask different questions: Where is it safe to visit after the pandemic is over? How can we book our holidays after Coronavirus COVID-19? What’s better: to hop on a plane for a quick city break, choose a destination with good medical care, or play it safe and fly to an isolated magical island with a small group? Is carefree travel a thing of the past? Let’s investigate what travel will be like in the future.


With international borders reopening, the world is your playground again. However, travel experts say that trends have changed. They predict that family travel and trips with friends will be on the rise: multi-generational holidays in a big house with adults, grandparents and kids gathered together might become the norm. Close friends buddying up together for a trip is nothing unusual. It makes sense if it was done to share costs or simply spend more quality time together. But now the main concern – socialising with strangers.

Mapping out Your Next Trip
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Plan well

Planning is paramount; you don’t want to be caught abroad when another pandemic breaks out! It’s worth having a conversation with your GP about the epidemiological situation in your destination country and checking with your health insurance provider what’s covered before you travel. Many people got caught abroad without help, only to find out that the pandemic was not covered by their insurance. Only give your money to trusted concierge companies, agencies and top hotels. With everyone out there trying to recover winter losses, not all market players are going to be scrupulous in their deals.

Preventive Healthcare

It’s wise to look at preventive healthcare and choose destinations where good medical care is available. Don’t forget that apart from genetic predisposition, diseases are affected by environmental factors and lifestyle choices. Travelling by air, especially long-haul, is stressful for your body as it is – dehydration, border control, kids and pets in tow, packing, effects of changing altitudes and radiation – the list is long. Changing clocks and time zones add to feeling drained even before your holiday has properly begun. Advice is simple – eat well, do moderate exercise, drink enough water and avoid alcohol; but also pack some oils (invigorating oils for mornings and relaxing ones for nights) and noise-cancelling earphones with you. Meditation and mindfulness, yoga and stretching are great ways to care for your body and soul. Whilst stretching helps ensure proper blood circulation and the feeling of less fatigue, meditation will stop anxiety and calm the mind. Progressive thinking travellers’ books, hypoxic training sessions prior to travelling (some people even pack their own hypoxic machines in their luggage), will all benefit your health and wellbeing when travelling.

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Do you ask yourself where to travel in 2021? What is there to do in less-known destinations? Travel experts recommend looking at places that had low infection rates during the pandemic, like Maremma in Tuscany. It’s a perfect region for wine tours and eco-travel. How about sailing to remote islands? It doesn’t need to be popular Mykonos this time – the Cyclades are made up of 30 islands!

With health being more important than ever during times of uncertainty, now is the time to book a sports holiday: wake-up, workout, swim, relax, and do it all over again! Or get lost hiking in wonderful national parks, reconnect with nature and recharge your batteries. Meditation and self-discovery retreats are even more popular now than ever, often combined with mild physical activities like yoga, pilates, surfing or gentle hiking. Come winter, heli-skiing and husky rides await. Summer and autumn are wonderful for agritourism – rural Italy, Spain and Portugal are famous for beautiful farmhouses and villas next to small farms, where you can teach kids about the origins of food and enjoy fresh produce straight from the source.

Why not take a road trip? Whatever you prefer – supercars, classic cars or luxury trailer homes – the world is full of roads, waiting to be discovered by you. Keep discovering, keep living and stay safe!

How to Travel Guide Post Covid 19
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