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Q. Top three places to visit in a lifetime?

A. I would say my favourite holiday destination is Tuscany. I like to rent a place in the countryside, buy my groceries at the farmer’s market and cook delicious meals. The fruits and vegetables in Italy are so flavoursome, gorged with sun! And I love the people. I find Italians so warm and welcoming. I’m also deeply moved by the sunsets in Tel Aviv. I even have my favourite spot, on a rock overlooking the sea, it’s the best place to meditate and clear your mind. But if you want to live a unique experience, go and enjoy a sound bath at the Integratron in the Mojave Desert in California. You’ll come out transformed.

Q. What food or dish would you like to try anywhere in the world and why?

A. Grilled fish freshly caught from the sea in Goa, India. My boyfriend went there and fell in love with the place.

Q. What is a must-do activity or sport (anywhere in the world) that you’d like to try and why

A. I would love to try Gaga dance with Batsheva Dance Company in Tel Aviv. It’s such a beautiful form of expression, all about freeing the body and living in the movement.

Parisan Actress Gaia Weiss Talks About Her Top Travel Tips
Source: Gaia Weiss

Q. Any language you want to learn, and why?

A. I’m currently learning Hebrew. One of the hardest languages I’ve learned so far, but it’s absolutely fascinating. It’s one of the oldest languages still spoken with Sanskrit, Arabic, Chinese and Tamil.

Q. Top three must-do iconic tours in a lifetime and why?

A. I don’t like to plan my holidays in advance too much, but if I do, I’m open to changing everything on the day. I tend to book last minute and call friends living there for recommendations. But one day I’d really like to go to Bhutan, where you need to book in advance for visa reasons and follow one of Amankora tours.

a Picturesque View of Bhutan Mountains
Source: Gaia Weiss

Q. Next art/cultural exhibition you’re keen to see and why? 

A. I missed ‘Dau: a never-ending experiment in a Soviet laboratory’ in Paris, so I can’t wait to catch it in London. I love immersive shows and exhibitions.

Q. Most romantic venue/destination in the world to visit and why?

A. To be honest, who you’re travelling with makes it romantic. I’ve been working in gorgeous places and I wish I could have shared the moment with a close friend. And I’ve stayed in the craziest squats from London to Berlin and spent some of the most romantic moments of my life.

Enot Tsukim Nature Reserve in Israel
Source: Gaia Weiss

Q. Most unusual place to stay?

A. ‘Desert Days’ in Tsukim is by far the coolest and most random place I’ve stayed in. It’s a small village made out of clay in the middle of the desert. You can truly experience silence and peacefulness. Besides, they make the best breakfasts!

Q. A cultural experience you want to try next? A cultural experience that was particularly memorable and why?

A. I’ve always wanted to horse ride in the Mongolian Steppe, I find the landscapes so inspiring. My most memorable cultural experiences have always been linked to dancing and eating. Dancing Sirtaki in Greece, Ceilidh dancing in Scotland, dancing the Hora in Tel Aviv, being invited by locals to a night of music and dance in the village in Morocco. And I can’t wait to try salsa in Cuba!

Top Extraordinary Places to Visit in 2021 by Gaia Weiss
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