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10 reasons why it’s better to fly on a private jet than anything else:

1. The luxury and comfort offered on board a private is far superior to any other mode of air travel.

2. You aren’t restricted to a schedule of a commercial airline. You fly at a time that suits you. A fair comparison is comparing travelling by bus and having a full-time driver and car.

3. Travel with your chosen friends, family or business acquaintances. You have the entire aircraft to yourself, so you have the freedom and privacy.

4. You can travel directly to obscure destinations that many commercial carries do not fly to directly.

5. You do not need to arrive hours prior to arrival, wait around at the airport and then wait for your bags to be dispatched onto a baggage carousel in an airport. When travelling private you only need to arrive at the airport around 15mins prior to departure.

6. You have complete flexibility. Should your schedule change or you decide to travel at a different departure time, the aircraft is always at your disposal.

7. Catering and onboard entertainment is tailored to your wishes. Catering is arranged from a restaurant of your desire; all movies and music are arranged to your tastes or request.

8. Hair and make-up artists, stylists, masseuses etc…are often arranged for clients which is not an option on commercial flights.

9. A huge benefit is being able to shower and get ready on the aircraft so you can go straight to a meeting, or event, after a long flight if you fly on a VIP airliner.

10. You have access to a lot of airports in major cities that commercial airlines do not have access to.

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