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Top 16 Private Members Clubs in London

The Twenty Two - WAWWThe Twenty Two

What a Wonderful Editor and former conciege Veronica Kohlbecker, gives us the lowdown.

Clubs in London are best known for two things: its infamously unpredictable weather and its thriving private members’ club scene. Few places in the world rival London in terms of the popularity and exclusivity of these private clubs. Gaining entry into these establishments can be quite challenging, with some no longer maintaining membership waiting lists. If you’re fortunate enough to secure a spot on the list, typically, a current respected member (or even two) must vouch for your candidacy before the club’s committee undertakes a rigorous vetting process. Below, you’ll find a compilation of some of London’s most noteworthy private clubs that are well worth exploring.

the House of Koko Waww
The House of Koko

1. The House of Koko - Backstage Access

A thrilling new members club situated backstage at London’s iconic KOKO. A unique place to connect with a community built on a shared love of music, arts and culture. Not only do you get access to a hidden world backstage of KOKO theatre, but you also become a member to spectacular house parties, relaxed remote working areas, and best of all, secret shows from KOKO’s headliners. The House of KOKO features a recording studio, piano room, secret speakeasy, and hidden vinyl rooms among other delights. Set in London’s, Camden Town, famous for creatives and unique characters, you are bound to have a colourful time at this members club.

the Twenty Two Waww
The Twenty Two

2. The Twenty Two - For the creative and curious

A thrilling new members club situated backstage at London’s iconic KOKO. A unique place to connect with a community built on a shared love of music, arts and culture. Not only do you get access to a hidden world backstage of KOKO theatre, but you also become a member to spectacular house parties, relaxed remote working areas, and best of all, secret shows from KOKO’s headliners. The House of KOKO features a recording studio, piano room, secret speakeasy, and hidden vinyl rooms among other delights. Set in London’s, Camden Town, famous for creatives and unique characters, you are bound to have a colourful time at this members club.

the Montcalm Club Waww
The Montcalm Club

3. The Montcalm Club - Standing the test of time

A current members club that is timeless. Fleeting flads and passing trends is not what the Montcalm Club is about. This club believes in a future where the best of the past is preserved and perfected. A compendium of individual experiences, evoking different times in London’s history. Situated on Finsbury square, a location that is handy for both business and leisure. A luxury establishment catering to corporate and private wealthy clients. A club in London, that feels like London.

12 Hay Hill Waww
12 Hay Hill

4. 12 Hay Hill - Strictly Business

A members club not tailored for celebrities. 12 Hay Hill is a members club providing business leaders and entrepreneurs a place they can work and dine. Unlike any other members club in London, this is a place where people actually come to prioritise work. Pioneering clubworking, it fulfills the ever evolving needs of business. Unlike regular coworking spaces 12 Hay Hill has full service food & beverage, allowing all of their spaces to be catered for. They provide their members with the best serviced offices available in London. Located in Mayfair, with Berkeley Square on its doorstep, it is the perfect spot for those wishing to combine work and pleasure.

180 the Strand Soho House Waww
180 The Strand Soho House

5. 180 The Strand Soho House - The Worldwide

An atmospheric members club that everyone wants to be a part of. When you think of members clubs, Soho immediately springs to mind and one of their most exciting locations is 180 Strand. Set in a brutalist building a stones throw away from Somerset House, in a historic spot where the Strand and Fleet Street meet. It’s exclusive, but more than that, it oozes cool. Soho House caters to young, city dwelling creatives providing them with them with beautiful spaces to combine their talents and ideas. Providing a place to socialise and network when they step away from Soho works, encouraging creatives in the industry to unwind after their chosen work hours. 180 The Strand is an oasis in the city that reframes how their members connect, socialise, work, and work out. With more than 27 clubs worldwide they are leading the way for members to globe trot and stay connected with others in the industry no matter where their business takes them.

Pavilion Knightsbridge Waww
Pavilion Knightsbridge

6. Pavilion Knightsbridge - Swanky

Behind Knightsbridge’s secret doors lies a refined social, cultural, and business experience. An alternative for freethinkers who choose to not run with the herd. This central London location provides indulgent views of Hyde Park over the terrace, two member-only bars, seventeen private offices, a penthouse suite, an all-day menu curated by the Michelin star chef, Tom Kerridge, and a specialized drink selection and cocktail menu designed by Fabrizio Donno. Pavilion is set over six floors with reminders of the past fitting harmoniously among modern luxuries. A place for all moods –  an elegant library to recharge, to evening entertainment with events such as Ted talks to a DJ set.

the Court West End Waww
The Court, West End - WAWW

7. The Court, West End - For the Storytellers

The Court has a refreshing take on todays member’s clubs. They don’t operate the idea that you have to be someone important in the industry, instead they celebrate eclectic and exciting individuals who will improve the experience of the club, rather than take from it. A personal experience, celebrating individuals and their stories. A place where you can sit and get lost in the path others have walked, becoming inspired by those around you in this time capsule in the West End. The elegance and charm of the Jazz age with a social scene reminiscent of Great Gatsby evenings.

the Allbright Fitzrovia Waww
The Allbright, Fitzrovia

8. The Allbright, Fitzrovia - Sisterhood Club

Stuffy Gentlemen’s clubs are a thing of the past. A chic and welcoming beautiful members club in Mayfair, the Allbright, is providing women with a space to connect, collaborate, and create together. A members club named after the former USA Secretary of State, Madeline Allbright, who famously said, “there’s a space in hell for women who don’t help other women.” This members club pays homage to just that. Offering a central London home-from-home with everything you could possibly want under one location, dine in the restaurant and bar, relax on the roof terrace, and even sneak in an appointment at the members hair salon, yes you heard that right. Members also have access to a business-focused digital platform aimed at connecting female entrepreneurs and helping women progress their careers. Providing the AllBright Academy, a series of digital professional development programmes covering leadership, diversity and inclusion, financing and more.

the Conduit Mayfair Waww
The Conduit, Mayfair - WAWW

9. The Conduit, Mayfair - Social Change

The Conduit is about bringing people together who have an ambition and capability to tackle some of the world’s biggest issues,’ says Finnegan, the founder of The Conduit. ‘Our membership criteria has been designed to ensure that those joining the community have a proven track record in systemic change.’ The Conduit’s commitment to the environment and doing things for the ‘greater good’ is not just a surface-level boast to seduce potential members, they are a members club truly striving to make a change. No less than 170,000 lbs of recycled materials have been used to form the club’s interiors while energy-saving and biophilic design schemes are in place to help reduce the space’s carbon footprint.

Cloud Twelve Notting Hill Waww
Cloud Twelve, Notting Hill - WAWW

10. Cloud Twelve, Notting Hill - For Families

Most private members clubs are strictly no children, which is very isolating for families wanting the members experience. Cloud Twelve has provided a club in Notting Hill where parents can take a well-deserved rest at the award winning wellness spa, whilst their children can enjoy a chic version of soft play. Magical forest-themed play zone rich in interactive and sensory elements is the perfect inspiration for children with a key focus on sustainable toys. Ditch the greasy soft play food for Cloud Twelve’s plant based cafe, knowing your children will leave the club feeling refreshed and energised.

Groucho Club Waww
Groucho Club

11. Groucho Club - The Iconic

Groucho Club is an iconic cultural institution in London. Based in Soho, this members club  is a renowned cultural hub that welcomes a diverse crowd from the arts and media industry. The Groucho Club was conceived as an antidote to the ‘stuffy gentleman’s clubs that were popular in the 1980s. It became a hub for creatives in the art, publishing, film and advertising worlds. The club boasts an exclusive entertainment venue, upscale bar, and restaurant, a screening room, library, and concierge service.  It represents an exclusive entertainment venue for the arts and media industry. A place of no snobbery or hierarchy, with a good mix of characters and ages.

George Club Waww
George Club

12. George Club - Effortless Elegance

The newly extended contemporary private members’ club on Mount Street holds the largest outdoor, heated terrace in Mayfair. Paying homage to wag-tailed friends through a collection of Art by David Hockney. This reflection of art extends to the members they allow through their doors, highly regarded members of the George Club alongside their human counterparts – dogs. The George CLub even has dog caviar available catering to the extensive range of dog lovers in London. This club only accepts members they believe to be at the ‘top of their game’, they do this because they believe if there isn’t this level of selectivity then member’s clubs are just a fancy bar.

Harrys Bar Waww
Harry’s Bar

13. Harry’s Bar - Dreamy Elegance

One of the most elegant and sophisticated private member clubs in London. Home to the most romantic decor transporting you to all things Italy. With just one restaurant and one private room, the focus is on food. Visited by the likes of Sophia Ritchie, Guy Richie, Sophie Turner and Tamara Beckworth you can see it invites in members with exquisite taste. Harry’s bar has paved the way for the most exclusive members clubs in London, opening its doors in 1979. Renowned for its decor and exquisite food that arguably could be considered some of the best in London.

South Kensington Club Skc Waww
South Kensington Club (SKC)

14. South Kensington Club (SKC) - For the Health Obsessed

South Kensington Club is a wellness members club for the health conscious. At SKC members get access to more than just another spa, they have access to some of the best trainers in London, washing away a work out in SKC’s world-class Russian baths. They have treatments to promote good health and spirituality, lectures by the Voyager Club and late night DJ booths for drinking and dancing. A members club for the mind, body and soul.

67 Paul Mall Wine Club Waww
67 Paul Mall Wine Club

15. 67 Paul Mall Wine Club - A taste for the finer things

67 Paul Mall Wine Clubs are a collection of private members clubs for those with a taste for the finer things in life – wine. Their locations are spread around the world, founded in London spanning all the way to Boredeaux, Verbier and Singapore. With over 4,400 bottles on the wine list, it is no wonder the club has won awards. Although they serve bottles like Domaine De La Romanee Conti, they offer a variety – which isn’t surprising considering they have over 4,400 bottle on their wine list. There is quality, value and abundant choice at the lower end of the wine list as well. They are able to make top wine more affordable in comparison to the mark up from the majority of restaurants in London. Even the most prestigious labels are accessible for members with the option of a testing sample. 67 Paul Mall’s sommelier team are friendly, welcoming with world class knowledge that they are happy to share amongst members.

Home Grown Marylebone Waww
Home Grown Marylebone

16. Home Grown Marylebone/ After Home House - The Day & Night

Home Grown Marylebone is a private members club where the entrepreneur meets the investor. Providing members events with access to valuable insights created to support scaling founders on their journey. Home Grown pride themselves on the growth they can offer their members. Recommended by Richard Farleigh, a former Dragon on Dragon’s Den, showing exactly the type of members it pulls in. They aren’t just a club for you to work in, they are a club to make your work excel. With endless amounts of success stories from their members, it stands testament to the environment they provide. This members club appears to be the gift that keeps on giving to its members, because they have also created an offshoot of itself where day merges to night, and Home Grown turns into After Home House. After Home House provides a place for the social elite to let loose after a days hard work of entrepreneurship.

Top 16 Private Members Clubs in London