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Svitlo Fundraiser: Empowering Ukrainian Children Through Education

Bringing Light to Young Minds: Join us at WAWW to fundraise for Ukrainian children’s summer camps at top global universities and schools.


Many kids in war-torn Ukraine can’t even dream of a peaceful summer, but with the help of the Svitlo charity, 21 exceptional students will have access to educational programs at prestigious institutions like Yale and Harrow, absolutely free.

A Chance for a Brighter Future

This summer, while many Ukrainian children face the harsh realities of war, Svitlo offers a beacon of hope. Exceptional young minds now have the opportunity to spend their summer at prestigious institutions around the world, gaining invaluable educational experiences. These opportunities, worth £76,000, are provided for free, but they need our help to make the journey possible. Svitlo is raising funds to cover visa fees and plane tickets for these students.

Words from the Founder

Yulia Kosko, the founder and a primary school teacher, established Svitlo Education in March 2022 as a rapid response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. She says:


“Svitlo means ‘light.’ We chose this name after one of our pupils, who thought his life was over when the war started, said that Svitlo lessons showed him the light at the end of the tunnel.”


Yulia’s vision is to illuminate the future for Ukrainian children, empowering them to become global citizens and future leaders of an independent Ukraine:


“We aim to educate the future political and social leaders of Ukraine. These trips provide life-changing experiences for every child! Please watch our school video and support us on our JustGiving page to make this summer camp project a reality.”

About Svitlo School

Svitlo School, a registered education charity in England and Wales, focuses on helping Ukrainian children—both those still in Ukraine and those who have fled—to continue their education and gain new skills. Svitlo offers up to 80 free lessons a week, with around 400 students enrolled at any given time, taught by 65 volunteer teachers. Svitlo teachers have assisted Ukrainian refugees in the UK by providing free tutoring for GCSE students, ensuring continuous educational support during challenging times.


Svitlo School has supported over 2,500 pupils from across Ukraine, facilitating the progression of more than 20 pupils to British and American online schools on full scholarships, including Harrow School Online and Pearson. Svitlo has established partnerships between British and Ukrainian schools for shared lessons, peer teaching, and pen pal programs, creating a supportive community through a house points system, student council, and buddy support. These efforts have been recognized and supported by notable organizations such as Zoom, Wedlake Bell, and WorkBuzz.

The Summer School Programme

“This summer, thanks to our generous partners in the UK and the USA, our students will study in English, participate in enriching social programs, and meet peers from around the globe,” says founder Yulia Kosko. “Our partnerships include prestigious institutions such as Harrow School Summer Courses, MPW London and Cambridge, Buckswood Overseas Summer School, Bishop’s Stortford Summer School, and St Giles Oxford. In the US, our pupils will attend ISSOS at Yale University and the New York Times Summer School.”




Support Svitlo on JustGiving:

Official Announcement: Elena Leo Appointed as Director of Editorial at WAWW Guides

The directors of What a Wonderful World (WAWW) Guides are excited to share some great news from our team. Elena Leo, who has been making significant contributions as our Contributing Travel Editor and Special Projects Editor, has taken on a new challenge as our Director of Editorial.


Elena has been a key player in making WAWW what it is today—a go-to source for top-notch travel content. Her creativity and expertise have brought a fresh and engaging approach to our publications, capturing the essence of luxury travel in a way that resonates with our readers. In this new role, Elena has joined Veronica Kohlbecker and Hershey Gargash; this trio has been instrumental in shaping the direction and success of WAWW, consistently delivering content that stands out in the travel industry.


As Director of Editorial, Elena will continue developing content strategy for our leading publications: the WAWW Guide ( and ‘Destinations of the Future’, a collaborative project with Robb Report UK. With her expertise, along with the collective efforts of our talented team, they are set to offer even more insightful and exciting travel stories and guides.


Elena has skilfully managed the launch of ‘Destinations of the Future’s’ first issue, “Ocean,” and will continue to develop and produce the forthcoming series with the team, which includes themes like “Forest,” “Road,” “Desert,” and “Islands.” Her deep understanding of the travel and luxury sectors, coupled with an adventurous spirit, makes her a perfect fit for WAWW’s vision.

Balancing her new responsibilities at WAWW, Elena continues to make her mark as the Eurasia Media Manager for ONE Championship, one of the world’s premier martial arts organisations. This role has nurtured her fighting spirit, discipline, and a voracious appetite for adventure.


Elena is skilled at managing diverse, international teams and mastering fast-paced media environments. These experiences are invaluable to WAWW, especially as it aims for global expansion in 2024-2025. Elena’s ability to swiftly develop breaking stories and produce rich, detailed editorials aligns perfectly with WAWW’s dynamic content strategy, making her an essential asset to the team.


Currently, Elena is supervising the production of the WAWW+Robb Report UK ‘Forest’ issue, which will be released in June, and the ‘Road’ issue, scheduled for September. For proposals and enquiries, please contact Elena Leo at

What A Wonderful World Guide Partners With Robb Report Uk

What A Wonderful World Guide (WAWW) is a groundbreaking lifestyle and travel publication, founded in 2020 by Veronica Kohlbecker and Hershey Gargash. Aimed at seasoned travelers, WAWW revolutionizes how we view the world and travel. In a unique collaboration with Robb Report (UK), the “Ocean” magazine focuses on future properties and innovative hotels, departing from traditional borders to spotlight destinations by geographical regions. Hershey, with an editorial background in esteemed publications, leads content creation for the partnership.


Robb Report, a leader in the luxury market since 1976, publishes the UK edition aimed at a discerning audience appreciating quality and exclusivity.


For more information, contact Andrea Maslovar at or +447874999999.

Amomtribe Waww

A Mom Tribe

Hershey Pascaul Gargash, a distinguished editor, has embarked on a heartwarming and innovative venture with the launch of a family blog, “A Mom Tribe” ( This platform represents more than just a website; it’s a digital mosaic of family experiences, insights, and stories that resonate with parents worldwide.


Through this blog, Hershey aims to build a community where families can share their journeys, learn from each other, and celebrate the joys and challenges of parenting. The blog’s content ranges from practical parenting tips and family health advice to personal anecdotes and inspirational stories, all crafted to support and uplift the family unit. Hershey’s vision of creating a space that fosters connection, understanding, and shared learning amongst families is vividly brought to life in this engaging and heartening blog.


Lifestyle | A Mom Tribe

Joelle Khouri Joins Waww Magazineas As Uae Culture Sustainability Ambassador Waww

Joelle Khouri Joins Waww Magazineas As Uae Culture & Sustainability Ambassador

WAWW Magazine has just announced the appointment of Joelle Khouri as their new UAE Culture & Sustainability Ambassador, bringing her extensive expertise and cutting-edge innovation to the forefront of the architecture and real estate industry. With over 20 years of experience in the global business development industry, Khouri is committed to driving change and creating content that inspires and educates.


As a leader in the travel and culture, PAGE Magazine provides readers with in the know information and insights that inspire and inform. Khouri as the new UAE Culture & Sustainability Ambassador, will drive the conversation around sustainability and culture, showcasing how innovation, thought leaders and sustainable brands can move the conversation and agenda towards better business practices that are sustainable and ethical.

Hollywoodreporter Waww

Hollywood reporter

“Baden Baden is a place of five-star living, award-winning cuisine, fast cars, casinos and medical spas. Celebrities have the chance to enjoy life in Baden-Baden while remaining completely incognito while getting their Botox treatments, losing weight or escaping on a romantic date,” says Veronica Kohlbecker, co-founder of What A Wonderful World Escapist Concierge. She and her co-founder Hershey Gargash create travel guides for all ages and levels of travel for anyone to use. “It’s also incredibly family-friendly and wonderful for nature, sport and adventure,” adds Gargash.


Visiting Baden-Baden, the German Spa Town, a Favorite of the Beckhams – The Hollywood Reporter



What A Wonderful World Guide (WAWW) is a game-changing lifestyle and travel publication, whose mission is to profoundly inspire the minds of readers throughout the world. The forward-thinking, innovative, online publication is set on revolutionising and positively transforming the way we see the world and how we travel. It’s written by expert travelers: adventurers, writers, and travel industry leaders for those who are looking for a more diverse scope for travel advice.


WAWW’s aim is to step away from travel focusing on borders and to focus on destinations, by geographical regions. They’ve partnered with Robb Report (UK), the leading voice in the global luxury market, to create a 44-page magazine that highlights future properties and developments, innovative hotels and resorts, all by the ‘Ocean’; hence the title of the first magazine collaboration of its kind.

How Veronica Kohlbecker And Hershey Gargash Are Creating Meaningful Travel Experiences with “What A Wonderful World”

Veronica Kohlbecker and Hershey Gargash, co-founders of “What A Wonderful World,” embarked on a transformative journey in the luxury industry. Veronica’s background in fashion show production, managing events for iconic names like Viviane Westwood and Naomi Campbell, coupled with Hershey’s extensive experience as a fashion and lifestyle journalist, laid the foundation for their unique partnership. Navigating the challenges of the 2007 recession, Veronica’s adaptation led to the creation of “The Anonymous” in 2009, a successful concierge company that catered to VIP clients with precision and flair. Despite facing economic setbacks and ethical dilemmas in the industry, Veronica and Hershey’s resilience and shared vision propelled them into a new chapter.


In 2015, the dynamic duo launched “What A Wonderful World,” an online guide that transcends traditional travel and lifestyle platforms. Their diverse content covers everything from exclusive travel destinations and wellness concepts to sustainable travel and Michelin-star dining. This venture is not merely about creating a guide but aims to inspire and restore confidence in travel, especially in the aftermath of the 2020 pandemic. Complementing their online presence, Veronica and Hershey offer “The Escapist,” a concierge service curated by Matt Piault, designed to fulfill the adventurous aspirations of high-net-worth individuals. Together, they are not just orchestrators of glamorous events; they are architects of meaningful and memorable luxury travel experiences.


ELYSIAN Magazine | Veronica Kohlbecker & Hershey Gargash (

Berlin Peace Day Celebrates Unity And Sustainable Development Goals With Support From Un Secretary General

On June 3, 2023, Washington Platz, adjacent to Berlin Central Station, was transformed into a symbol of peace and unity as Berlin Peace Day, organized by World Peace Berlin, concluded its impactful event. The primary aim of the event was to promote the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and nurture a culture of peace. Under the theme “Building Bridges for a Peaceful Future,” Berlin Peace Day focused on raising awareness about the UN SDGs and inspiring concrete actions towards their achievement.


The event featured captivating performances, insightful speeches from renowned personalities, and notable support from the UN Secretary-General. The opening speech by Armin Mostoffi highlighted the demand for World Peace Day to be recognized as a national holiday. Bahtalo, a talented youth choir, set an uplifting tone with enchanting melodies on the youth stage. Throughout the day, celebrated speakers, including Matthias Kohlbecker, Ameerh Naran, Veronica Kohlbecker, and Duchess Nivin El Gamal, shared their perspectives on peace, human rights, and the transformative power of individuals and communities.


Musical contributions by Dr. HOBBS and Lavinia Hope added an extra layer of inspiration and harmony to the event. Berlin Peace Day emphasized the urgency of collaboration, understanding among nations, and grassroots initiatives in promoting peace and achieving the SDGs. The event, made possible through collaboration with government agencies, NGOs, and corporations, symbolized a shared commitment to global peace and the belief in the power of collective action.

International Day Of Peace

On September 21, 2023, individuals from across the globe converged at the UPF headquarters in Central London to commemorate Peace Day, a significant annual event hosted by the Universal Peace Federation. This gathering aimed to foster a sense of unity and prioritize peace as a common goal, transcending differences. Veronica Kohlbecker, Founder of WAWW, received an award for her impactful contributions to peace, aligning with her commitment as a business development advisor focused on reshaping developing countries through tourism and local infrastructure development.


Peace Day serves as a global celebration encouraging awareness about the importance of peace and urging collaborative efforts for conflict resolution and violence cessation. The theme for this year’s International Day of Peace emphasized both collective and individual responsibility in fostering peace. The event featured inspirational guest speakers, including Duchess Nivine El Gamal, founder of the charity, who eloquently highlighted the role of kindness, forgiveness, and respect in creating a peaceful world. The occasion was marked by a sense of unity, with Mirela Sula expressing gratitude for receiving The Peace Award from the Universal Peace Federation on this meaningful day.

Diarydirectory Waww

What A Wonderful World Travel Guide launches

Hershey Gargash (née Pascual) has launched a travel guide-online magazine as co-founder. What A Wonderful World Travel Guide covers luxury travel, family travel, wellness, sustainable tourism and adventure guides. Hershey has been an editor for 18 years working for various lifestyle titles in the UK, US and Middle East. Hershey has partnered with ex-concierge and producer Veronica Kohlbecker and together they plan to launch the WAWW YouTube channel later this year. They also have a concierge division called WAWW Escapist.


What A Wonderful World Travel Guide launches – DIARY directory

Veronica Kohlbecker and Hershey Gargash, creators of What a Wonderful World, the best travel magazine for specialised destinations, name their picks for the top five destinations in the world 2023.

Veronica Kohlbecker, a seasoned business consultant, and Hershey Gargash, a respected fashion and lifestyle writer, joined forces to create “What A Wonderful World” (WAWW), a digital platform offering a comprehensive travel guide. Leveraging Veronica’s 15 years of experience in concierge services and Hershey’s extensive background in journalism, they curated a list of top travel destinations for 2023.


Their top picks include Montenegro, a blend of modern luxury and ancient charm; Rwanda, known for breathtaking landscapes and wildlife conservation efforts; Anguilla, a Caribbean paradise with pristine beaches; Sri Lanka, celebrated for its diverse offerings from beaches to rainforests; and Saudi Arabia’s AlUla, a cultural haven with historical landmarks. Veronica and Hershey’s curated list reflects their commitment to providing travelers with unique and enriching experiences in the coming year.


Veronica Kohlbecker and Hershey Gargash, creators of What a Wonderful World, the best travel magazine for specialised destinations, name their picks for the top five destinations in the world 2023. – The New York Guardian

Forbs Magazine

How Matthias Piault Stands In The Center Between Fashion And Cinema At The Cannes Film Festival

There are two sides to the Cannes Film Festival when it comes to fashion and the lifestyle around the famed international soiree of events. There’s the film industry side that the public sees with the red carpet and the Hollywood stars stepping out onto the red carpet for evening premiers, along with people looking to sell and buy movies. And then there’s the glamorous side of international exposure, which brings a whole different ambience to the movie side of things. Cannes is an interesting marriage between the glamor and film but together, the two create a mixture of wealthy experiences for all attending.  


Matt Piault and his team, Veronica Kohlbecker and her co-director Hershey Gargash  help those who come to Cannes for the festival get connected to relevant fashion brands for the perfect red-carpet look. Working in conjunction with the festival and arranging couture gowns and stylists for high-end clientele, they also organize yacht parties on the glistening waters of the Mediterranean—as well as offer ticketing services, event curation, and concierge services.


Their clients include dressing non-celebrities and actors from Goldie Hawn in Armani and Jean Claude Van Damme, to Paris Hilton, Norwegian footballer John Carew, the Canadian fashion D-Squared duo brothers, the Black-Eyed Peas, and Hofit Golan, Forbes France fashion influencer. They have also hosted and organized super model Naomi Campbell’s birthday parties in Cannes. And, have hosted events for the Swiss jewelry brand De Grisogono, and worked with Chopard, Dolce and Gabbana, amfAR, L’Oréal, and Elie Saab.

Business Traveller Magazine

For the well-healed

If you’re looking to carefully curate your visit, What A Wonderful World (WAWW) guides, founded by Veronica Kohlbecker and Hershey Gargash and inspired by Louis Armstrong and their love of music, has partnered with hotels, restaurants, transportation services and spas to create tailored-made experiences in Baden-Baden.


“What a Wonderful World fell in love when visiting Baden-Baden. We love places with magic and this town is full of mystery and secrets. ! ere is nothing obvious or easily accessible, which is why we knew this was a great
place for us to make a travel guide,” explains Kohlbecker


Gargash adds: “WAWW Guides cover some of the world’s most well-travelled and enticing work, from travel cinematographers and photographers. We are constantly on the pulse when it comes to safe, idyllic and exciting destinations for 2022 and beyond.”

Having travelled and lived extensively around the world, their guides feature first hand researched articles on cities’
top restaurants, hotels, family travel and interviews with insiders, so they couldn’t pass up Baden-Baden, a town
of 29 natural springs.

“It’s a unique town that has had every US President of the last two decades visit; it’s the place where Sheikhs walk the streets without security and Hollywood celebrities can escape the spotlight to have their Botox or weight-loss programmes,” continues Kohlbecker.

“Celebrities feel comfortable here with Michelin-star cuisines, artisanal custom shopping and beautiful classic
cars ready for the test.”