Veronica Waww

Who are the founders Veronica and Hershey?

After 15 years travelling the world, organising events, running concierge businesses, working with A-list celebrities, like Goldie Hawn, Black Eyed Peas, Naomi Campbell and Lionel Richie, and being an all-round professional tourist, Veronica Kohlbecker was always looking for the right source to get the best travel advise for her clients. She was constantly searching for a great online site, or hotel concierge, to suggest where to go and what to do. It wasn’t easy to find something original, and that’s when Veronica felt that enough was enough.


Her gal pal, Hershey Gargash worked as a fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle editor, and writer, for magazines like Sunday Times StyleElleW Magazine and OK!, since 2000. Hershey’s also travelled the world over the past two decades attending global media events, reviewing unique destinations, hotels, spas, resorts, restaurants, bars and clubs. She’s always discovering incredible places that she wants to share. Together they wanted to create What A Wonderful World an online travel, wellness and lifestyle magazine, PR agency and digital travel and lifestyle platform.


Message from the founders…

We have a passion for travelling and we love exploring the world. As American author John Green says, “I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met”. To travel is to see the beauty in nature; to witness wonderous art and architecture across the world; to experience different cultures and meet diverse people. All of this is part of the joy and experience of living a full life. There’s simply so much of the world to see and explore.


What A Wonderful World is not just an online magazine, blog, or travel guide – it’s an inspirational and educational travel and lifestyle magazine. It started because of our desire to share secrets and experiences of the most well-travelled, curious individuals who have had the ability to go after their dreams and see the world more than any travel agent, concierge, or blogger. Look at WAWW as a personal diary or a bucket list – from one citizen of the world to another. Think of us as a travel magazine-meets-global-concierge-service. Learn, dream and discover information, news and reviews. There’s a medley of fascinating points of views from various travellers and experts from across the globe.


We pledge to find ways to make your travels diverse, experimental, adventurous and fun. We’ll explore the world’s most luxurious, to sustainable methods in travel, and charitable ways to help communities when visiting certain parts of the world. You will learn more about volunteer work and where to go to help local communities. WAWW is not just for the jet set, it’s for anyone with a heart full of wanderlust and soul full of passion for exploration. If you’re daring enough to travel the world, learn about different cultures, discover new destinations and take tips and advice from expert travellers, this is just for you.


Anything mainstream won’t cut it at WAWW, you won’t see anything pushed by tourist boards or media bloggers. Instead, you’ll find honest content on destinations from a unique perspective that anyone can relate to.