Friday Homes Jones

US Culture & Lifestyle Ambasador

I‘m a classically trained artist who came into tattooing in college in 1991. I graduated in time to ride the mid-90’s tech wave designing UI for General Electric’s first nuclear parts digital catalog for Saqqara Systems in San Jose in 1997. In 2001 I moved to LA where I did story boarding, illustration and graphic design for Walt Disney Productions, Universal Pictures, Sony, Canon Systems, Spike Radio and Digital Entertainment Network (

While I loved digital design, I missed the freewheeling life and direct-to-client relationships of tattooing. In 2002 I returned to tattoo full time and spent the next twenty years tattooing in the US and Europe, counting stars like Angelina Jolie, Robbie Williams, Aaron Neville and Lorraine Bracco as collectors. In 2009 I opened Friday Jones 5th Avenue in Manhattan and leveraged the body art trend among the financial elite.

In 2018 I legalized tattooing in the beautiful Balkan country of Montenegro and now split my time between Porto and NYC.

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