Veronica Kohlbecker 

Veronica Voronina


Veronica Kohlbecker is a travel, hospitality, and creative event production connoisseur.  As co-founder of WAWW, Veronica oversees maagzine production, editorial direction and partnerships. 

Veronica birthed the “Destinations of the Future” supplement for Robb Report as well as the “What a Wonderful World (WAWW) Borderless Travel Guides” to help redefine how travel content coalesced with changing consumer preferences. Veronica is committed to promoting exploration that pushes the boundaries of traditional travel, and encourages greater cultural understanding. 

 Renowned from her time as CEO of the Anonymous, a luxury concierge business that catered exclusively to high net worth, and ultra high net worth individuals, her approach to creating ‘unforgettable experiences’ bridged cultures and inspired adventures. Veronica is also a co-founder of Sunoom, a wellness and hospitality brand, The Escapist bespoke concierge and events company and Oracle Edition, a villa management agency. Veronica dedicates herself professionally to ventures which offer personalised, memorable experiences for those seeking more than just a trip.

Her entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond her own businesses – coming from a family of doctors, she blends her professional experience in travel with a passion for design, wellness, and medical destinations. 

Veronica’s contributions to the field of travel have been honoured with two United Nations peace prizes, recognising her work as instrumental in connecting people across cultures and backgrounds. These accolades have led to her role as a speaker on the transformative power of travel and its potential as a catalyst for positive change and personal growth, shaping the way we connect with the world around us. Veronica aims to continue to inspire others through her speaking engagements, consulting work, and contributions to travel literature. She remains focused on her goal of encouraging thoughtful and sustainable exploration. 

Veronica is mother to two young children and often travels with them, as a family, to help broaden their horizons and encourage them to see the world in its many different forms.