Alexandra Shonpal Managing Director at Waww


Alexandra Shonpal, the Managing Director at WAWW, brings a rich background of over 15 years’ experience in corporate, luxury travel, and project management. Alexandra’s strategic acumen and dynamic leadership is pivotal in developing content that enlightens, entertains, and creates a strong bond with a global audience of avid travellers.

Alexandra’s international life, spanning five countries, has provided her with a wealth of diverse experiences and knowledge, significantly enhancing the magazine’s storytelling fabric. As a visionary leader and keen explorer, Alexandra is adept at navigating complex initiatives to successful completion and curating experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Beyond the realms of travel and publishing, Alexandra is deeply invested in the spheres of wellness and self-development. She champions the belief that personal health is integral to professional achievement. This holistic philosophy drives her not only to pursue her own goals but also to inspire and uplift others, making every journey a collective ascent towards greater heights.