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Best Caribbean Islands for Winter 2024 Yacht Charters

The-top-three-islands-in-the-Caribbean-for-a-yacht-charter-in-winter-2024The top three islands in the Caribbean for a yacht charter in winter 2024

Many of us dream of getting away from the cold winter months and having a week or two of blissful sunshine. But, with the world to choose from, where is the best place to go?

Kate Kalamaga, founder and owner of Tropicalboat Luxury Yacht Charters & Rentals, has picked some top Caribbean destinations luxury travellers should visit… especially on a yacht.

1. Saint Martin Island

Saint Martin is a true aquatic paradise, beckoning all water enthusiasts to its stunning shores. This island is renowned for its collection of 37 picturesque beaches, each graced with powdery white sands and crystal-clear turquoise waters, and its year-round warm climate.

It’s an ideal haven for those who cherish sailing, offering an excellent spot to drop anchor and test your seafaring skills in the boundless expanse of the open sea.

As the hurricane season concludes in November, the winds shift to a south-easterly direction, typically blowing at a gentle 10 to 15 knots. This transition makes it the perfect window of opportunity for yacht owners to embark on a sailing adventure.

But this is not all, the island boasts a vibrant nightlife, exclusive events and festivities, high-end shopping outlets, luxury accommodation, and gourmet dining, all to be enjoyed in a setting of breath-taking beauty.

2. Tobago

Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, Tobago is blessed with spectacular natural beauty and a radiant local culture that fills the air with contagious energy.The tranquil waves gently caress pristine, ivory-white sandy beaches, creating an idyllic setting. Its exceptional marinas and strategically sheltered locations make it a perfect destination for an extended stay.In addition to secure mooring options, Tobago offers world-class repair facilities, presenting boat owners with an opportunity to combine a stopover with essential servicing, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey.Eco-tourism abounds here, with a number of activities available to its visitors, including birdwatching in one of the oldest legally protected natural forests and turtle watching on the beach.

3. St. Barthelemy

The island of St. Barths oozes exclusivity and luxury with its strict building codes to preserve the integrity of the island, resulting in a limited number of hotel rooms available.

With well-equipped marinas, nautical infrastructure, and an abundance of stunning white-sand beach coves, it is understandable why the island attracts luxury yacht owners to its shores.These intimate and serene locations are devoid of bustling crowds but abundant in natural beauty, offering exclusivity only the rich and famous can buy. And, when on land, celebrities will feel at ease knowing the island has a reputation for being a safe and secure location where privacy and discretion are respected.There is a wealth of luxurious high-end accommodation, designer shops, and upscale dining experiences available to ultra-high-net-worth clients looking for unique and delicious experiences.Popular events hosted by the island include New Year’s Eve celebrations, the prestigious St. Barths Bucket Regatta, and Les Voiles de St. Barths, to name a few.

the Top Three Islands in the Caribbean for a Yacht Charter in Winter 2024