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Alila Hinu BayAlila Hinu Bay

Discover the Monsoon Season with Alila Hinu Bay

This chic and contemporary boutique beachfront resort in Mirbat, along the pristine coast in Dhofar, Oman, offers excellent service for both couples and families. With white sand beaches, by the Arabian Sea, and crystal-clear waters, it’s the perfect place to relax in the sun, or spot a dolphin or two.

Alila Hinu Bay is elegantly perched alongside an infinite blue bay, with a natural private beach. It’s a fantastic place to visit all year round and although there may be some humidity during June to September, it’s still the best time to visit because of the abundant luscious green vegetation (something you don’t get much in the Middle East). This time of the year marks the south-eastern monsoon season, when desert springs, waterfalls and verdant blankets of flora come to life during ‘Khareef.’ 

Alila Hinu Bay
Alila Hinu Bay


When it comes to design, the elegant hotel offers a contemporary fusion of local architectural traditions with modern aesthetic sensibility. The ultimate expression of contemporary style, the guestrooms and villas are an exquisite composite of thoughtfully designed spaces, unparalleled quality in detail and comfort built for artisanal living. Upon entering, refined decor elements including a glorious marble façade with influences of Omani vernacular architecture will leave you impressed. The minimalist aesthetic is well integrated with the local climate and culture. The design is carefully blended into the unique landscape surrounding the site. The lobby is set around a central water feature, complemented with a traditional majlis, limestones and artworks, paying homage to local Omani life.


The boutique resort stretches over 45 hectares of ecologically attractive beachfront sites located in Mirbat, Governorate of Dhofar. From the arrival into the resort from the north of the plot, through a descent via rocky terrain, guests can gaze upon the natural composition of the site, well-preserved in an eco-friendly environment, with a minimal intervention of building components as a commitment to sustainable operating standards. In support of sustainable tourism, the hotel adopts ‘EarthCheck’ operating standards recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), in which it integrates the natural, physical, and cultural elements of their environments.

Alila Hinu Bay
Alila Hinu Bay


The five-star resort includes 112 hotel rooms and suites, as well as several restaurants, swimming pools, children’s areas, and leisure centres. For those looking for a refreshing getaway, indulge in comfort as you relax in one of the resort’s expansive rooms or spacious villas, equipped with a private pool and tranquil outdoor bathtub. The rooms are of a very high standard, each with their own pool overlooking the beach and unparalleled views of the Arabian Sea. Guests can also enjoy a complimentary breakfast.


Guests can enjoy an intimate long weekend or a long week to enjoy hikes, nature reserves, incredible marine life, and untouched coastline. To get a better insight to local life, visit the coastal town of Mirbat and see fishermen set sail on traditional boats or discover incredible ancient Bedouin rock art, dating back to the 3rd millennium BC. 

Explore the many surprising sides from Mirbat, immersing in the local culture, traditions, and lifestyle. Not-to-be-missed experiences such as Samhan Mountains and Mirbat Public Garden, and the colourful transformation of Darbat Lake during Khareef (monsoon) season. 

With a host of unusual and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, guests can share an evening with traditional desert nomads, tread the trail of an age-old Frankincense route, and embrace the dewy excitement of a mystifying Khareef. Indulge in the greenery of Wadi Darbat valleys, discover the city of Mirbat and Shati Ad Damar, visit the ancient Bin Ali’s (Prophet) tomb, the Mirbat Castle along the old merchant houses, the Teeq Cave and Tawi Atair Sinkhole, the cave at Jabal Samhan, visit Khor Rori (the largest natural reserve in Dhofar) and the Sumhuram Archaeological Park, or mesmerise at the unique Wadi Darbat waterfalls.

Alila Hinu Bay
Alila Hinu Bay


Whether it’s a delectable breakfast, healthy lunch or intimate dinner under the stars, the property boasts two signature restaurants. The Orchard offers an array of international specialties, presented through an A La Carte menu with flavorsome ingredients all locally sourced. The property pays homage to the heritage and cultural significance of the Frankincense Route with the launch of The Orchard restaurant’s menu inspired by all-things-Luban.  The Orchard takes you on an epicurean journey with carefully selected and crafted dishes that draw inspiration from the travels of the frankincense traders both land and sea. Savour the breadth and expanse of the trade route with menu highlights from Oman, through the Arabian Peninsula, all the way to the Mediterranean. 

Seasalt invites diners to a magnificent coastal dining affair, where you can unwind with the sound of waves lapping against the shore. Signature dishes at this waterfront restaurant showcase a vibrant fish otak-otak marinated with lemongrass, lime, Thai red chili peanut oil, soy sauce, coriander stem, garlic, and ginger, steamed in banana leaves and served with jasmine rice; spiced Singapore chili lobster with sambal, shallots, black bean sauce and lemongrass, garnished with aromatic herbs, served with fresh and flaky roti canai.

Alila Hinu Bay


Indulge in unique and customised spa experiences using natural products in a relaxed contemporary environment at Spa Alila. Take part in yoga and meditation classes to invigorate your senses. On certain times of the year, like Khareef, special deals on spa treatments such as the 150-minute Timeless Frankincense Signature Escape, and courtesy resort activities are on offer throughout the weekdays. 


To stay at Alila Hinu Bay is to embark on a destination experience – be it in recreating the flavours of the local cuisine, enhancing your wellbeing through ancient healing arts or the thrill of adventure sports, you will re-discover the luxury of living. From June to September 30, if you book during this period, for every night, you can get one complimentary night stay – along with breakfast and offers on selected spa treatments. 

By Hershey Gargash

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