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One of the world’s best heli-skiing guides in the world and the founder of ski holiday operator Ski Berge Abenteuer shares his wisdom with best places to heli-ski in the world. For anyone who dares to plan a heli-skiing trip, follow his tips for a fail proof skiing adventure of your life!

STEP 1Choose the perfect destination for your heli-skiing trip:

Georgia’s Svanetia has a huge terrain with glaciers of all types from mellow to steep. The snow has been superb in terms of both quality and quantity; over the past nine seasons we have been operating there.

Northern Sweden is a nice place for those wishing to extend a powder season. It is outstanding in terms of spectacular scenery and countless runs. 

Tajikistan’s Pamir Mountains are among the world’s most undiscovered and unknown heli-ski destinations. The Pamir Mountains are the second-highest mountains after the Himalayas and the host to the second highest glacier in the world – Fedchenko. 

Italy’s Valtellina is a great choice for a long weekend of heli-skiing in the Alps. You get nice scenic runs, suitable for all levels, topped with great local hospitality and fantastic Italian cuisine.

Heli Ski

STEP 2 Choose the most suitable type of skiing trip for you and your group:

Choices are endless from skiing out of plush resorts to thrilling expeditions. There’s a difference between a well-known spot with a reliable infrastructure and tried and tested ski runs. Think about places like Canada. On the other end of the spectrum there are more adventurous heli-ski destinations and unchartered territories that are waiting to be discovered, for example Greenland, Tajikistan or Kashmir.

STEP 3 Decide what to pack for your heli-skiing trip:

Your checklist should include a good pair of powder skis (100 mm width underfoot) and ski poles with powder baskets. Add a helmet with a pair or two of ski goggles, a ski suit, a pair of properly fitting freeride ski boots and comfy layers to wear underneath. A complete avalanche kit is an absolute must for every heli-skiing trip. It should include a three-antenna avalanche beacon, a backpack with an airbag system, a shovel and a probe.

STEP 4 Be physically fit when you go on a heli-skiing trip:

Many people ask me about how to prepare for a heli-skiing trip and I always say one should make sure they are fit and healthy. Keep your body in good physical condition throughout the whole year. It’s not advised to start vigorous training two weeks prior to your trip – you will only be risking strain on your body, or worse – get injured.

STEP 5 Be realistic about your level of skiing:

Being realistic and honest will always give organisers a chance to take you on a safe and enjoyable trip. I have been running skiing programmes for over 20 years, which allows me to say with certainty that a good tour operator can tailor trips to any level. Most times, I deal with people who are either good or very good skiers, but in order to meet the growing demand for more gentle adventures, I introduced a nice programme at the lower part of the Caucasus. It was developed with novice heli-skiers in mind.

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