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Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, doing it with young children in tow can be testing to say the least. Well, thankfully there are plenty of useful gadgets, products, and essentials to make travel with kids less stressful – we’ve found 10 of the best to get you started (and make the journey easier). 

Jetkids by Stokke Bedbox

Jetkids by Stokke BedBox 

We’ve all heard of ride-on suitcases, but this genius product takes the concept to a whole new level.  Not only does a BedBox hold all your child’s important must-haves and be ridden or easily pulled through a travel terminal but can also transform from suitcase to in-flight/train bed complete with mattress in 5 simple steps. Brilliant.

Mountain Buggy Skyrider

Mountain Buggy Skyrider 

Tired of trying to carry squirming tots while maneuvering luggage – or handle a buggy and a wheelie at the same time? Well, how about trying a stylish carry-on suitcase that transforms into a traveling seat with a harness for kids up to 15kg (without losing its luggage capacity). The perfect way to multi-task your way through an airport!

Pogs Kids Only Headphones

Getting the right kid’s headphones is key to a smoother journey – whether they’re plugging into iPads or an in-flight entertainment system, there’s no way they can be immersed in a story or grooving along to a few tunes if headphones are uncomfortable/too big. Pogs have created a range of children’s headphones that are not only designed to ensure your child’s ears are never harmed by noise volume but that are also amazingly comfortable and offer superior sound so that little ones can hear – or even drift off – in loud environments.  Pogs only use non-toxic and, as much as possible, recycled material (and no single use plastics) plus 10% of profits go to nature restoration.

Cares Airplane Safety Harness

CARES Airplane Safety Harness

Trying to keep a toddler in an airplane seat using the standard across-the-lap belt is no easy feat, which is why this harness is a brilliant buy. Used in conjunction with the regular seat belt, CARES is a car-seat-style buckle and strap device for kids aged 1 and over (maximum weight 20 kg) which will keep tiny travellers safely in their seats. Easy to install, super light to carry and guaranteed to make takeoff and landing that much smoother. 

Yumbox Bento Box

Yumbox Bento Box

The key to happy kids? Snacks – and lots of them! The Yumbox colourful bento boxes have portioned food trays in which to stash away all their favourite nibbles. Lightweight, leak proof and BPA/phthalates free, the designs are gorgeous (we all eat with our eyes first after all) come in medium or large and even include a build-your-own for a perfect customised option. Yumbox also makes stainless steel thermal food jars for transporting and eating warm food easily.

Deryan Air Traveller 

Kids under the age of 2 don’t require their own airplane seat – in fact they get to sit on mum or dad’s lap for the entire journey (joy!).  The Air Traveller is a handy product which can be used as a chair that allows equal distribution of pressure so a child is less heavy on your lap, or a bed – so that baby can sleep peacefully across your knee. Includes 2 inflatable air mattresses and a fitted sleeping bag all with entirely washable covers – and fits neatly into your carry-on luggage.

Boogie Board Scribble

Boogie Board Scribble and Play Colour LCD Writing Tablet + Stylus Smart Paper for Drawing eWriter

If your child loves to draw but carrying all those crayons and notepads only results in chaos, then here’s a great solution. A smart electronic notepad with multiple drawing tools to mimic chalk, pen, or marker – there’s no mess involved with one of these. Great for getting creative while on the go – whether they’re only just learning how to scribble or practicing words and sentences.

Mifold Grab N Go Booster Seats

Taxis, hire-cars – chances are they won’t come with a car seat for your precious cargo, which is why Mifold’s range of folding boosters are just perfect for traveling safely.  Mifold is the world’s most compact backless booster – designed for kids aged 4 and up. There’s also a high back option, the hifold, for children aged 4 and up with settings to adjust the seat width, body width, head width and height too – to ensure comfort and optimal fit. Regulated for use in every country (except Australia).

Packing Cubes

Not only does travel with kids come with heaps of stuff to carry but a mum’s hand luggage ends up feeling a little like Mary Poppins bag (except far less organised). Finding whatever you need in your bag of tricks quickly and keeping the contents of your bag neat and ordered is a major help – which is why packing cubes are a must-have bit of kit. Pack everything from extra clothes to toiletries in their own cube and even keep a spare for stowing dirties – then slot them in your bag et voila, you’ll feel as tidy and prepared as the world’s most famous nanny herself. 

There are heaps of packing cube designs – opt for ones with a mesh window so you can easily see what’s inside!

Mountain Buggy Nano

Mountain Buggy Nano

The Mountain Buggy Nano can fold up so teeny tiny that the airlines are happy for it to come on board as hand luggage and bestowed in the overhead locker – meaning you can wheel your little ones right onto the aircraft! Easy to fold, super lightweight, a car seat can be clipped on, and the seat reclines right back for ultimate sleeping – a buggy like this is the ultimate family travel companion.  Suitable from newborn to approximately age 5. 


By Kaya Scott

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