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Discover the perfect travel companion with WAWW Travel Magazine’s curated collection of bags. From stylish carry-ons to rugged backpacks, our selection blends fashion and function for an unparalleled journey. Trust WAWW for quality and innovation, ensuring your next adventure is both stylish and organized.

the Collector Waww
The Collector

The glamorous

A line of luxury handbags from Geneva, Switzerland founded by Sophie Bonvin. The designer bags
are much sought after in the fashion world, crafted from exotic skins including python, alligator, and
ostrich. Often collaborating with contemporary artists, Sophie produces limited edition handbags in
addition to the signature line. One of these collaborations being with Laura Chaplin, granddaughter
of silent film star Charlie Chaplin, which can be bought along with the rest of the line on the website.

Brand: The Collector

Patagonia Waww

Best for classic sustainability

A well-known outdoor and adventure wear brand, Patagonia holds themselves accountable to environmental impact as they are determined to radically reduce carbon emissions and provide support to environmental non-profits. Their mission statement revealing that they aim to “build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis”. It’s the consumer’s answer to a good looking, useful product that doesn’t have to worsen your carbon footprint.

Brand: Patagonia

Serena Bag Waww
Serena Bag

The bag that you have to have in your suitcase

The perfect bag for all events, the Serena bag is the must buy accessory of the season using the finest materials, created with love and care. “Serena is minimalistic with a sense of inner abundance. Serena is free spirited, curious and adventurous, caring and considerate. Serena is contemporary and classic, yet sexy and provocative. Serena creates memories through stories and experiences.” The Serena bag is the bag that you can reach for no matter where you’re headed, ensuring heads will still turn your way.

Brand: Serena Bag

Rimowa Waww

The best suitcase

The most essential luggage when travelling, Rimowa has perfected the durable yet lightweight design that all of their suitcase carry. A slightly high price point but overall, entirely worth it for a frequent flyer. The spacious suitcase holds more than one would think, ideal for both long haul and short haul trips. Stylish, elegant and suitable, there is a clear reason why this is the traveller’s go to case.

Brand: Rimowa

Emil Benz Waww
Emil Benz


For a weekend bag that keeps you looking graceful with little effort, the Emil Benz weekender series is as far as you need to look. Sophisticated and powerful, Emil states that this bag is made for the “lifestyles of the dynamic race car drivers, the business tycoons and the polo players”. A modern design with traditional craftmanship has constructed this refined bag for a refined market, delivering the ideal chic weekender.

Brand: Emil Benz

Louis Vuitton Waww
Louis Vuitton


Brand: Louis Vuitton

Highly coveted and widely known, the Louis Vuitton trunk has remained iconic for the 165 years since
it came out. With many uses such as watercolour paints, billiard cues, record collections and exactly 1,000 cigars, it’s evident that the LV trunk is a timeless piece. Sure, an investment but a trunk that has remained at the top spot for trunks for over 100 years is a trunk that you need. (heavy but perfect for the south of France).

North Face Waww
North Face


Different backpacks dedicated for different purposes, from simply carrying a laptop in your day to day to one needed for travelling, the North Face range of backpacks are a great choice when it comes to the most important features of a backpack. With water resistant material, lockable zippers, multiple compartments and padded shoulder straps, there’s nothing one would find lacking in a North Face backpack.

Brand: North Face

Vickermann Und Stoya Waww
Vickermann und Stoya

The bag you’ll keep forever

With a 25 year warranty and already strong materials like grained thick cowhide leather and fine calfskin, this is the bag that will stay with you forever. There’s also the option for you to customise the leather colouring and accents and make it truly your own.

Brand: Vickermann und Stoya

Charles Simon Waww
Charles & Simon

Travel wallet

Design led business, travel and watch accessories that are all crafted in Canada with the greatest care, using the greatest leather. Their all in one wallets have a central compartment and an internal zipped pocket displaying a bold square design and compact format. Made with full grain leather and anodized aluminium, coming in several different colours, these wallets prove perfect for the everyday.

Brand: Charles & Simon

Tiba + Marl Waww

Baby bag

“Multi award winning” brand Tiba + Marl, creates changing bags as well as accessories for the modern parents. Gone are the days of lugging around a bright pink baby bag, with these new bags carrying an air of sophistication with parenting on the go. As if the designs themselves weren’t good enough, they’re also crafted with recyclable materials, running as a safe sustainable option simultaneously.

Brand: Tiba + Marl

Prada Waww

Beach bag

Considered the cult Instagram accessory, last summer saw the rise of any and all Prada raffia bags. Though it now exists in many different variations, the classic logo stamped on raffia just screams summer, sea and sun, proving that there’s a valid reason behind the world donning the bags on their

Brand: Prada

Scott Alpride E2 Waww

Ultimate ski option

The construction on the electronic and lightweight Alpride E2 leave it as the supreme ski bag, with the highest super capacitator technology poured into the design for the wearer’s total comfort and safety. The best adventure buddy and fully travel approved, the Alpride E2 bag is height adjustable, has a clean design and everything possible to please. (preferred bag of heli skiiers & mountain climbers).

Brand: Scott Alpride E2

Gate Check Pro Waww
Gate check PRO

Large bag for max size on aeroplane

The godsend of airport travel bags, the Gate check PRO offers the highest grade of protection and durability, ensuring your peace of mind when travelling. Easy to use, foldable and added adjustable straps makes this a travellers’ life saver, as well as being one of the only bags to allow for the maximum weight of a check in bag.

Brand: Gate check PRO

Neri Karra Waww
Neri Karra

The affordable

Made from the highest quality calf skin, with a chic croc print, the Missy bag is the perfect choice for affordable quality. A luxury leather brand that also maintains a strong sustainability ethos, the Neri Karra bag holds strong values and ensures customer satisfaction.

Brand: Neri Karra

Lady Dior Waww
Lady Dior

Timeless bag

The epitome of elegance and beauty, the Lady Dior is an instantly recognisable silhouette that has been a classic for decades. Given its name after Lady Diana, the bag has remained the most classic yet stylish bag, getting marks for it’s all rounded versatility. It’s the bag you couldn’t go wrong with.

Brand: Lady Dior

Lululemon Waww

Belt bag

The current most popular rendition of the bum bag, the fanny pack, whichever name it has now easily goes to Lululemon. Displaying why it’s a trend that won’t die, the lululemon belt bag is the most practical bag for all lifestyles with the perk of looking sleek at the same time. With compartments galore and it’s adjustable size, this bag holds the spot for the most wanted belt bag on the market right now, quickly selling out after every restock.

Brand: Lululemon

Fendi Baguette Waww
Fendi Baguette WAWW

Hottest 2023 bag

Donned by style icon, Sarah Jessica Parker, the Fendi baguette has been and remains to be the ‘it’ bag. First designed in the 90’s, the baguette has kept up it’s popularity for good reason, the expert craftmanship, the beautiful designs and the ideal size. With no doubt, the Fendi baguette is the perfect addition to any outfit, especially with the latest collections, leaving us to award it to be the hottest bag for 2023!

Brand: Fendi Baguette

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