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Weddings, Honeymoons, and Vow Renewals in Anguilla


Anguilla is the perfect place to ditch the crowds and embrace the romance. Unlike some other Caribbean islands overflowing with tourists, Anguilla offers a haven for couples seeking seclusion, luxury, and enough sunshine to make your Instagram jealous. Think pristine beaches, turquoise water so clear you can see your reflection, and a chilled-out vibe that’s more hammock than hustle.

In this article, Elena Leo, WAWW’s Director of Editorial and a seasoned Caribbean explorer whose travels have spanned from Barbados to St. Barts, Antigua to the BVIs, and even Cuba, explores why Anguilla is the perfect honeymoon destination. From secluded beaches and luxurious resorts to unforgettable activities and a relaxed atmosphere, this guide will help you create an unforgettable romantic getaway. It’s a testament to the WAWW team’s collective love affair with this island paradise, and it’s sure to make you fall in love with Anguilla too.


Why is Anguilla Great for Couples

Luxury Villa Accommodations in Anguilla: Let’s face it, half the battle of a romantic getaway is finding a place to stay that isn’t straight out of a horror movie with questionable décor and wafer-thin walls. Here, Anguilla shines. Ditch the shared pools and say hello to your private villa! Imagine your own slice of heaven with a pool overlooking the ocean. Picture sunsets so good they’ll make you question those filters people keep using. Properties like Shoal Bay Villas offer stunning oceanfront locations and personalised service, so you can focus on what really matters: quality time with your significant other.

Natural Beauty of Anguilla: The island’s pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and lush vegetation provide a breathtaking backdrop for a romantic getaway. Stroll hand-in-hand along the soft white sand of Shoal Bay, the perfect place for building sandcastles or that impromptu photoshoot. Watch the sunset paint the sky in vibrant hues in Rendezvous Bay, a popular spot for couples seeking a touch of luxury (and maybe a selfie or two).

Variety of Activities for Two: Sure, staring lovingly into each other’s eyes is great and all, but what about when you need a break? Anguilla offers a variety of activities that cater to couples, including sailing, snorkelling, diving, hiking, and exploring historical sites.

You can book a private sunset sail, share a bottle of bubbly (because why not?) and watch the sky transform into an explosion of colour as the sun dips below the horizon. Anguilla is also a great place for exploring the vibrant coral reefs teeming with colourful fish. Sharing the thrill of discovering a new species of angelfish (or maybe just a really big crab) is a surefire way to bond. 

Couples can take cooking classes together and learn the secrets of Anguillian cuisine, or lace up their boots and explore hidden coves and dramatic cliffside trails. If chopping and steaming is not your jam, enjoy a delicious meal at one of Anguilla’s many beachfront restaurants with fresh, local ingredients and a romantic ambiance. Places like Blanchard’s Beach Shack offer a casual vibe and a focus on fresh, local seafood, so you can indulge without feeling like you need to remortgage your house. Splurge on a multi-course tasting menu at a gourmet restaurant. Think attentive service, exquisite flavours, and an unforgettable dining experience. Try Cip’s by Cipriani for an elegant and impressive evening. Or elevate your in-villa experience with a private chef who can prepare romantic meals tailored to your preferences. Imagine a candlelit dinner on your terrace, savouring fresh, local ingredients, and enjoying quality time together.

Well-being for two in Anguilla: Let’s be honest, a vacation wouldn’t be complete without some serious relaxation. Anguilla caters to your well-being with a variety of options. A spa day is a sure way to melt into pure bliss as therapists work their magic with treatments that might involve local ingredients like aloe vera and honey. 

Look into the COMO Shambhala at Four Seasons Anguilla for world-class pampering. Other high-end spas in Anguilla are Zemi Beach House Resort & Spa, Maundays Bay Spa, and Serenity Spa at Shoal Bay Beach Resort. Sorana Spa at Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club offers a luxurious experience with a focus on relaxation and rejuvenation. They feature state-of-the-art equipment, a mineral pool, luxurious locker rooms and lounges, and treatments that incorporate local ingredients.

Some resorts offer in-villa spa experiences. While this might not provide the same atmosphere as a dedicated spa setting, it can offer a private and romantic alternative. Contact your chosen resort to see if they offer in-villa options with meditation, breathing exercises, and sound healing ceremonies.

Beachside yoga for couples is a great way to start the day! Bury your feet in soft sand, listen to the calming sound of the waves, and get rejuvenated and energised. Many resorts in Anguilla offer yoga classes as part of their fitness programs. 


Weddings in Anguilla

Forget mass ceremonies and cheesy backdrops. Anguilla caters to couples seeking a more intimate and exclusive wedding experience. Wedding options in Anguilla are a plenty.Here’s the scoop:

Beachside Weddings in Anguilla: Many resorts offer wedding packages that let you tie the knot on a picture-perfect beach. Imagine saying “I do” with the turquoise water sparkling behind you—pure magic.

For classic elegance, choose Shoal Bay Beach. This crescent-shaped paradise boasts pristine white sand, calm, clear waters, and stunning views. Ideal for those seeking a picture-perfect backdrop with all the conveniences nearby (resorts, restaurants, etc.).

For a secluded ceremony, try Little Bay, which offers a cove setting with soft sand and calm waters. Perfect for couples seeking a more intimate and private ceremony surrounded by lush greenery.

Rendezvous Bay is an ideal choice for a dramatic setting, as it offers breathtaking views of neighbouring islands like St. Martin. The dramatic backdrop of rolling hills and turquoise waters creates a memorable setting for your special day.

Villa Weddings in Anguilla: Renting a private villa for your wedding can be a great way to create a truly personalised experience. Some villas offer on-site wedding planning services to help you create your dream wedding. Here are some well-known villas for weddings in Anguilla, offering a variety of styles and locations to suit your dream ceremony:

  • Shoal Bay Villas on the famed Shoal Bay Beach offers a collection of luxury villas that can be rented individually or combined to accommodate larger wedding parties. The pristine beachfront location and stunning ocean views provide a picture-perfect backdrop for your ceremony. 
  • Fountainhead is perched on a cliff overlooking Rendezvous Bay. Fountainhead offers breathtaking panoramic views and a touch of contemporary Caribbean charm. This private villa boasts a spacious infinity pool and multiple outdoor areas, ideal for a ceremony and reception. Enjoy the privacy and flexibility of creating a truly personalised wedding experience.
  • Sandy Island,located on its own private island off Anguilla’s coast, offers the ultimate in seclusion and exclusivity. Accessible by boat, this luxurious villa provides a unique and unforgettable setting for your wedding. Imagine saying “I do” on a secluded beach with only the sound of the waves as your witness.
  • Anguilla’s West End boasts a collection of stunning private villas, each with its own unique character. Some offer beachfront locations with direct access to the soft sand and turquoise waters, while others are perched on dramatic cliffs, providing breathtaking ocean views. Explore options like Sea Spray Villa, with its infinity pool overlooking Rendezvous Bay, or Altagracia, a luxurious cliffside villa perfect for an intimate ceremony.

Resort Wedding in Anguilla:

  • Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla is nestled on Barnes Bay. The resort offers luxurious beachfront accommodations, world-class service, and stunning ocean views. They have a dedicated wedding planning team to help you craft your dream ceremony, from exchanging vows on the beach to celebrating under the stars.
  • Malliouhana is perched on a cliff overlooking Meads Bay, offering breathtaking ocean vistas and a touch of elegance. You can exchange vows on the expansive Great House lawn or in a more intimate beach setting. This resort boasts a variety of elegant indoor and outdoor event spaces, making it ideal for weddings of all sizes. 
  • CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa offers a beachfront location with lush gardens and a world-class spa. The resort provides various wedding packages and event spaces; choose from a beachfront ceremony, a garden setting, or an elegant ballroom reception. Their award-winning spa, multiple restaurants, and on-site golf course provide entertainment options for your guests. 
  • Zemi Beach House Resort & Spa is known for its modern design and luxurious amenities. The resort offers stunning oceanfront event spaces. 
  • Belmond Cap Juluca in Maundays Bay is a legendary resort known for its white sand beach and crystal-clear waters. They offer a variety of elegant wedding venues, including a beachfront terrace, a gazebo overlooking the ocean, and a stunning ballroom. Their experienced wedding planners will take care of every detail.


Vow Renewals in Anguilla

Anguilla isn’t just for newlyweds. Looking to rekindle the spark or reaffirm your commitment? Anguilla’s relaxed atmosphere and stunning beauty provide the ideal backdrop to renew your vows. Picture a ceremony under a starlit sky, surrounded by the gentle sound of waves. Now that’s romance! 

Why renew your wedding vows in Anguilla? There are many reasons why couples choose to renew their vows! Life throws curveballs, and vow renewals can be a beautiful way to publicly declare your continued dedication to one another after years of marriage. Celebrating a landmark anniversary, like a silver or golden jubilee, is a popular reason for vow renewals. Perhaps you’ve faced difficulties as a couple and emerged stronger. A vow renewal can symbolise a fresh start and a renewed commitment to each other.

Planning to renew your vows in Anguilla? Here is how. Many wedding planning companies in Anguilla can also coordinate vow renewals. They can handle everything from securing the perfect location (beachfront, villa, cliffside), arranging officiants and vendors (photographers, florists, musicians), to creating a personalised ceremony script and ensuring all legal paperwork is in order (if applicable). 

If you’re planning a vow renewal at a resort, their in-house wedding coordinators can likely assist you. They’ll be familiar with the resort’s facilities and can help you choose the ideal location, whether it’s a beachfront gazebo or a private garden setting. They can also recommend vendors and handle logistics.


Honeymoons in Anguilla

Is Angiulla good for honeymoons, you may ask? Anguilla is rightly considered to be a honeymoon paradise. Imagine secluded beaches, luxurious accommodations, and endless opportunities for romantic adventures. Many resorts offer honeymoon packages with special amenities and discounts, so you can focus on making memories.

Unlike some busier Caribbean islands, Anguilla offers a peaceful and private escape. So, ditch the crowds and swap “I do” for “me and you” in Anguilla. This Caribbean gem offers seclusion so tight, you’ll practically need a map to find other honeymooners.

Anguilla isn’t all about lounging (though there’s plenty of that to be done). Dive into vibrant coral reefs teeming with colourful fish, take a cooking class together, hike dramatic cliffs for breathtaking views, or get pampered with couples massages that’ll melt away any wedding stress.

Speaking of stress, Anguilla leaves it at the departure gate. Intimate resorts and luxurious villas cater to your every whim, from private beach cabanas to romantic in-room dining. Candlelit dinners with ocean views? Check. Relaxing spa treatments designed for two? Double check. Unforgettable memories to last a lifetime? Bingo! 

Planning your honeymoon in Anguilla can be stressful, but these tips might help you plan your romantic getaway.

Many wedding planning companies in Anguilla can also handle honeymoon logistics. They can help you find the perfect location (beachfront, villa, cliffside), arrange activities, suggest vendors (photographers, florists), and create a personalised itinerary.

Resort wedding coordinators in Anguilla can likely assist with your honeymoon plans. They’ll be familiar with the resort’s amenities and can recommend romantic experiences like couples massages, private dinners, or sunset cruises. Some villa rental companies in Anguilla offer honeymoon packages or can connect you with local wedding planners who specialise in creating romantic experiences for couples staying in private villas. Consider reaching out to boutique travel agencies specialising in honeymoons or luxury travel. They might have established partnerships with Anguillian resorts, villas, or local planners and can create a customised honeymoon itinerary based on your preferences. 

Honeymoon Anguilla resorts are spectacular. Here are some top picks for honeymoon hotspots in Anguilla:

  • Four Seasons: Infinity pools, beachfront bliss, and swoon-worthy sunsets—pure pampering for lovebirds.
  • CuisinArt: Calling active duos! Golf courses, water adventures, and couples’ spa treatments—romance with a sporty twist.
  • Belmond Cap Juluca: Imagine pink sand, Moorish vibes, and rose petal turn-downs. Luxury fit for royalty!
  • Zemi Beach House: Melt away wedding stress at their award-winning spa, then enjoy beachfront dinners serenaded by the waves. Relaxation redefined.
  • Malliouhana: Clifftop views, private yoga balconies, and sunset horseback rides. This one oozes old-world glamour and unforgettable romance.

by Elena Leo, WAWW Director of Editorial

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