Lena Leo Waww Contributing Travel Editor

Director of Editorial

Lena Leo traded in her life as the editor of a society magazine, glamorous parties and the in places of London to travel the world and train in martial arts. Her love of travel has taken her from Japan to Antigua and from Sulawesi to Cuba. She’s been bitten by dogs in Morocco, stung by jellyfish in Thailand, and lost her passport in Paris. She loves animals but can’t decide between dogs and cats, so she chooses low-maintenance plants instead.

Lena has written features for Collezioni, Wedding, Cosmopolitan, and Yahoo, and has also worked in PR for film festivals, arts, and charities. In her parallel life, she works as a media manager for one of the world’s top combat sports leagues. She loves sports, travel photography, and visiting non-touristy places in high season and popular tourist spots off-season.

Like many others, she is a bit of a contradiction: a globe-trotting adventurer and a homebody who loves to curl up with a good book. Be warned: she’s not afraid to get lost, make mistakes, or even get into a few scrapes along the way.

Lena is passionate about sharing her love of travel with others, and she hopes to inspire you to explore the world and create your own unforgettable travel memories with What A Wonderful World.

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