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Where to Eat in Ibiza Off- Season: Best Year-Round Restaurants

Where to Eat in Ibiza Off- Season: Best Year-Round RestaurantsWhere to Eat in Ibiza Off- Season: Best Year-Round Restaurants

As winter blankets Ibiza, the island sheds its summer party persona for a more serene and snug ambiance. This season uncovers a different facet of Ibiza’s dining scene, one that radiates warmth and intimacy. While a handful of establishments take a temporary bow until the warmer months return, a remarkable number keep their doors wide open. These culinary havens welcome both locals and visitors alike, offering a chance to indulge in Ibiza’s culinary wonders in a more tranquil setting.

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Jara, The Standard Hotel, Ibiza: It's Bingo Time

Jara the Standard Hotel Ibiza
Jara, The Standard Hotel, Ibiza

Inject a dose of thrill into your week with the island’s most electrifying bingo night at Jara! Hosted by the Standart Hotel every Wednesday, this is not your average bingo. Expect a lively evening filled with nail-biting games, laughter, and a chance to win some seriously good prizes. It’s the perfect midweek pick-me-up with a twist. Make sure to bring your A-game, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll walk away a winner. Who knew bingo could be this much fun?

BES, Talamanca, Ibiza: Laid-back Charm

Bes Talamanca Ibiza
BES, Talamanca, Ibiza

BES Talamanca, your slice of beachside heaven nestled between Nobu and Shu, is a perfect place for lounging on a sun-drenched terrace, sipping chilled Verdejo, as the Mediterranean breeze whispers through. With easy parking and a chic, laid-back vibe, BES oozes sophisticated relaxation vibes. Here, stunning views, stylish decor, and the soothing sound of waves provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable dining experience.

Sa Caleta, Ibiza: Savour Ibiza on a Plate

Sa Caleta Ibiza
Sa Caleta, Ibiza

Since 1988, the Pujolet family has been serving up culinary excellence at Sa Caleta with a side of history. This beachfront haven specialises in mouth-watering seafood and rice dishes, crafted from the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. The menu is full of Ibiza’s finest seafood, caught using traditional methods, and vegetables plucked straight from the organic garden. Open every day, Sa Caleta promises a summer vibe in winter, focusing on quality, excellent service, and dishes that tell the story of Ibiza on a plate.

Sa Capella, Ibiza: Dine in a Chapel

Sa Capella Ibiza
Sa Capella, Ibiza

What once was a 16th-century chapel is now an enchanting restaurant, offering a candlelit dining experience that’s both intimate and theatrical. Frequented by stars and royalty alike, this spot has reopened, boasting an open kitchen and preserving the chapel’s awe-inspiring architecture. With exposed stone walls, original art, and the newly added comfort of air conditioning, dining here is an experience sprinkled with the mystique of Ibiza. 

House of Wow, Ibiza: A Little Party Never...

House of Wow, Ibiza

The House of Wow is an exhilarating experience, especially in the winter. Located between San Rafael and Santa Gertrudis, this spot transforms into the ultimate entertainment hub as outside temperatures go lower. From legendary Disco Bingo dinners and ETHEREAL party carnivals to Sunday BBQs with the Escucha DJs and Chef Martin, the BBQ maestro, in November and December, you can spice up your nights with Cuban dance classes.

Yemanja, Ibiza: The Spirit of Ibiza

Yemanja Ibiza
Yemanja, Ibiza

For over 30 years, Yemanjá has been synonymous with outstanding traditional Spanish cuisine set against a backdrop of a warm, family-friendly atmosphere. Here, flawless service and a delightful musical ambiance ensure every moment is a slice of Ibiza bliss. It’s more than just a restaurant; it’s a gathering place to enjoy appetisers at sunset and soak in the island’s authentic spirit all year long.

Tsuma, Ibiza: Refinde Sushi

Tsuma Ibiza

Elevate your sushi experience at Tsuma Ibiza! Choose between cosy seated tables or the dynamic counter experience, and watch as local chefs, trained by Japanese masters, prepare sushi, sashimi, and signature appetizers. The  menu is paired perfectly with a selection of sake.

A Mi Manera, Ibiza: A Serene Oasis

a Mi Manera Ibiza
A Mi Manera, Ibiza

In the heart of a lush garden, A Mi Manera offers a tranquil dining oasis. Emphasising sustainable and locally sourced ingredients, this restaurant serves up freshness with a side of eco-consciousness. Under Manu Crotti’s creative eye, the ‘natural pop’ ambiance blends colour and nature in an authentic Ibizan synthesis.

Trattoria del Mar, Ibiza: Taste of Italy

Trattoria Del Mar Ibiza
Trattoria del Mar, Ibiza

Since its opening in 2007, Trattoria del Mar has charmed both locals and visitors with its sumptuous seafood pasta and inviting atmosphere. Located in Marina Botafoch, its menu offers a Neapolitan twist on Mediterranean cuisine, complemented by an extensive selection of wines. Dive into a world of homemade pasta, fresh seafood, and a curated selection of wines, and discover why this spot has become a must-visit for those seeking a taste of Italy in Ibiza.

Juntos House, Ibiza: Farm to Table

Juntos House Ibiza
Juntos House, Ibiza

Juntos House is a modern sanctuary dedicated to farm-to-table excellence. Located in Sant Mateu, every corner of Juntos House, from its restaurant to the garden, is infused with culinary magic. Embracing locally grown, organic produce from their regenerative farm, the menu offers contemporary dishes that celebrate the seasons. From the inviting restaurant to the lively cocktail bar, Juntos House is a place where each season brings new delights to savour, making every visit a fresh experience.

By Elena Leo (WAWW),  Iryna Vytsup and Natalia Faeh (Oracle Edition)

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