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Maison Mariage Frères: Drink like a Frenchman This Summer

Maison Mariage Frères: Drink like a Frenchman This SummerMaison Mariage Frères: Drink like a Frenchman This Summer

As the world turns its attention to the Paris Olympics this summer, WAWW editor Elena Leo found herself drawn to a different side of the City of Lights. Forget the expected stream of rosé and champagne, instead she ventured into the heart of Covent Garden to discover a taste of Parisian sophistication – Mariage Frères.

A tea lover's haven in Covent Garden

Stepping into Mariage Frères’ opulent King Street store is like entering a secret world. Don’t be fooled by the unassuming façade – inside you will find a wonderland dedicated to the art of tea. Two floors brim with nearly 1,000 varieties of tea, each meticulously sourced from 36 countries. The air is filled with the delicate scent of bergamot, jasmine and countless other exotic flavours. Here, the Comptoir de Thé is an explorer’s paradise, a haven for tea lovers to lose themselves in the sheer diversity of the world’s finest leaves. But there is more to Mariage Frères: A charming restaurant serving tea-inspired cuisine and a delightful “Salon de Thé” offering quintessentially Parisian cakes and pastries.

Paris Summer Ice Tea Blend - Summer in a Bottle.

This summer, Mariage Frères is offering a bottled escape from Paris: its Paris Summer iced tea blend is designed to transport you to the heart of a sunny Parisian afternoon.

The taste is fresh: vibrant bergamot dances with delicate rose petals, a hint of sweet mint adds a refreshing whisper, and the whole composition is anchored by the cool embrace of green tea with a hint of yuzu for a truly unique citrus twist.

It also makes a great gift for the party season! A single elegant black glass bottle, decorated with a vintage label featuring the Eiffel Tower and the French tricolour (blue, white and red ribbons), contains 160g of loose-leaf tea – enough to brew an amazing 24 litres of refreshing iced tea! Mariage Frères include their ingenious Filter-Envelopes™ with each bottle to simplify the cold brewing process. In just an hour, you can turn this Parisian summer in a bottle into a pitcher full of delicious refreshment.

RPR: £44

Paris Summer Cakes and Desserts - Oh, my, sweetest love!

But Mariage Frères knows that indulgence goes beyond the cup. They’ve created a sumptuous selection of treats specially designed to complement the Paris Summer experience.

The “Bon Anniversaire” cream cake is an eye-catcher – a magnificent three-coloured flower made from the Paris Summer tea blend itself. This masterpiece of haute tea patisserie features layers of velvety cream, vibrant fruit confit and a hint of white chocolate Chantilly cream, all infused with the delicate notes of the signature tea.

The Ice Cream Sandwich offers a whimsical summer treat for a lighter option. It looks and tastes like haute couture heaven with a generous square of Paris Summer tea ice cream sandwiched between slices of Genoise cake, playfully decorated with cheerful polka dots. At £9.90, it’s the perfect grab-and-go treat for a hot summer’s day.

Whether you’re looking for a delicious treat for yourself or a unique gift for a tea-loving friend, Mariage Frères’ Paris Summer collection is sure to please. What’s more, a sip of Paris Summer iced tea and a bite of the exquisite Bon Anniversaire cake is all you need to transport yourself to a charming Parisian café. All without leaving Covent Garden. So why wait?

Address: 38 King Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8JS