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Navigating Anguilla: Your Transportation Guide

Navigating Anguilla: Your Transportation GuideNavigating Anguilla: Your Transportation Guide

Exploring the stunning landscapes and hidden gems of Anguilla is a breeze with the array of transportation options available to visitors. From renting cars to hopping on taxis, the island offers convenient ways to get around and soak in its beauty at your own pace. This is everything you need to know about transport in Anguilla

Renting a Car:

Renting a car is a popular choice among visitors, providing the freedom to explore the island’s well-maintained roads at leisure. Driving on the left side adds a unique twist to the adventure, promising an enjoyable experience for all. Anguilla boasts several car rental companies, offering an array of vehicles to suit your needs. To hit the road, all you need is a valid driver’s licence and a temporary Anguillian driver’s licence, easily obtained for a small fee.

For those craving a bit of excitement, Mokes offer a quirky alternative. These open-air buggies, available in a spectrum of vibrant colours, are perfect for beach trips and island sightseeing.

Renting a Car Anguilla


Reliable taxi services are readily available, providing a comfortable mode of transportation around the island. Whether you need a ride from the airport or a lift to your resort, taxis offer convenient solutions. Fares are typically fixed for standard routes, ensuring transparency and ease of travel. Many visitors opt to arrange for taxi services throughout their stay, benefiting from knowledgeable drivers who offer island tours with a touch of local flair.

Off-Road Adventures:

For those craving off-the-beaten-path exploration, ATVs and road bikes provide thrilling options. These vehicles unlock access to Anguilla’s hidden spots, away from the public roads. With the island’s flat terrain, biking becomes a delightful experience suitable for riders of all skill levels.

Navigating Anguilla

Other Transportation Options:

Scooter and Motorbike Rentals: Seek thrills with scooter and motorbike rentals, ideal for cruising along Anguilla’s scenic roads.

Bicycle Rentals: Pedal through the island’s stunning landscapes with top-notch bicycle rentals, catering to cyclists of all levels.

Public Transportation: While traditional buses are scarce, charming minivans known as “jitneys” offer shared taxi services along designated routes.

Walking: Embrace Anguilla’s compact size by taking leisurely walks to nearby attractions, restaurants, and beaches.

Boat Services: Explore coastal beauty and nearby cays with boat services and ferries, perfect for personalised day trips.

Hotel and Resort Shuttles: Many accommodations offer convenient shuttle services, ensuring hassle-free transportation to popular destinations.

This comprehensive guide covers all you need to know about transportation in Anguilla, ensuring you navigate the island with ease and convenience.

Navigating Anguilla Your Transportation Guide