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What is the best time to visit Anguilla?

What is the best time to visit Anguilla?What is the best time to visit Anguilla?

If you have ever wondered what the best time to go to Anguilla is, the answer is simple – any time. Anguilla is a slice of paradise that’s delightful to visit any time of year, thanks to its consistent, warm weather and cool Caribbean vibe.

Anguilla's mild climate

If you’re chasing the sun in the winter months, there’s no better place than Anguilla. From November to mid-December, the island wakes up from its quieter off-season with inviting mid-20s temperatures and a refreshing drop in humidity. This is a sweet spot for those looking to enjoy the island’s beauty without the festive crowds or peak prices.

From mid-December through early January, Anguilla shifts gears and lights up with the festive season. This is the high-octane part of the year, with holiday celebrations, bustling beaches, and yachts aplenty. It’s the island at its most lively, with lots to see and do. If you prefer a calmer visit, wait until after the New Year’s excitement settles. From January until April, Anguilla is quieter but still full of life. You’ll find local festivals like Moonsplash and Festival del Mar offering music, food, and community spirit. It’s the perfect balance of having things to do and space to relax, making it a great time to experience the real heartbeat of Anguilla.

Anguilla's key events in 2024

Anguilla Summer Festival and Carnival (August 1–11, 2024):


this is the island’s biggest event, with ten days of parades, music, and the Miss Anguilla pageant. August Monday, on the first Monday in August, is a highlight, featuring the popular “August Monday Boat Race” and a day-long celebration that extends into the night.

Anguilla Summer Festival and Carnival
Anguilla Summer Festival and Carnival

Moonsplash Music Festival (March 22–24, 2024):


hosted by musician Bankie Banx at the Dune Preserve beach bar, this music festival is a must for those who enjoy a blend of serene beach settings and live music.

Anguilla Culinary Experience
Anguilla Culinary Experience

Anguilla Culinary Experience (May 23–26, 2024):


a newer addition to Anguilla’s event calendar, this culinary festival features various events like chefs’ dinners, resort parties, and beach barbecues, showcasing the island’s cuisine.

Anguilla Yacht Regatta
Anguilla Yacht Regatta

Anguilla Yacht Regatta (May 2024):


the Anguilla Regatta, an event that celebrates traditional sailing and the island’s national sport of boat racing, is scheduled to take place in May 2024. This three-day event, which started in 2002, is known for its relaxed atmosphere, friendly competition, and sailing camaraderie. It’s a significant event not just for sports enthusiasts but also for those who enjoy Anguillian culture and community spirit. The event is hosted by the Anguilla Sailing Association (ASA) and the Anguilla Tourist Board. All proceeds help ASA focus on teaching sailing to the youth of Anguilla.

By Elena Leo, Director of Editorial at WAWW