Private Secrets with Ameerh Naran, CEO of Vimana Private Jets

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In this exclusive article, Ameerh Naran—successful entrepreneur, private aviation pioneer, and Founder of Naran Automotive—shares his insights on private travel. From owning versus hiring a jet to the viability of long leases, let’s delve into the world of luxury air travel with an expert at the helm.

5 reasons to charter a private jet

1. You have flexibility on the type of aircraft for each flight. Should you be travelling alone on a short domestic flight, you could fly on a smaller, light or midsize jet, which is more cost-effective. If, on your next flight, you are travelling transatlantic with family and would like a larger aircraft you can book an ultra-long aircraft, or VIP airliner, which is more comfortable and has the range to do longer flights directly.

2. There are a lot of cost benefits associated with an on-demand charter as you are able to take advantage of an aircraft that’s better positioned for your trip, as opposed to positioning on your own, or a fractional ownership aircraft.

3. Some clients like to fly on an aircraft that’s a certain age. By chartering, you can ensure you always have an aircraft of a late year of manufacture.

4. You can travel discretely as there is no way of linking a chartered aircraft to the passengers on board.

5. Passengers are able to sample various aircrafts and new models as they are released.

5 reasons to get a long-term lease on a private jet

1. You have crew that you are familiar with.

2. You have most of the advantage of owning an aircraft but with the flexibility of being able to get rid of the aircraft without having to go through the sale process when you wish to upgrade or change aircraft.

3. You do not have a depreciating asset on your books.

4. For clients looking for anonymity, you have a dedicated aircraft without the possibility of information being leaked that you purchased an aircraft. Some clients do not want to be seen spending making such extravagant acquisitions.

5. You can budget for all costs as you pay a set hourly or monthly fee for a lease. You’ll not get affected by the costs of hiring additional crew – should one go on maternity or paternity leave. You’ll also not get unexpected maintenance costs caused by technical faults, for instance.

5 reasons to buy a private jet

1. You can order the aircraft to your specifications and taste.

2. Hire crew that you personally want – those that are familiar with all your preferences.

3. For many clients, the status associated with ownership is a plus.

4. You always have the same aircraft at your beck and call and never need to worry about not having availability.

5. You can keep your personal things on the aircraft.  

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