Changing Our Understanding of Oceans: Triton Submarines and Submersible Technology

Triton Submarines: How Submersibles Are Changing Our Understanding of the OceansThis article is a part of Destinations of the Future – OCEAN partnership with Robb Report UK

Since its inception in 2007, Patrick Lahey’s Triton Submarines company has become a popular choice among wealthy adventurers, filmmakers, scientists, and notable figures like James Cameron and Ray Dalio.

Gently floating beneath the waves, personal submersibles now find themselves at the very crossroads of exploration and luxurious invention. The demand for private submersibles is soaring, with yacht owners creating ample space to accommodate these mini-subs and cruise lines introducing them as a unique activity for guests seeking to stand out in a competitive industry. 

Redefining Underwater ExplorationIn 2007, Triton embarked on a noble mission to craft personal submersibles for private yacht owners, initially envisaged for recreational use. Yet, their clients soon unveiled the broader potential of these remarkable vessels. Today, many Triton enthusiasts utilise their submersibles for sophisticated scientific research and filmmaking projects.

Renowned explorer Victor Vescovo, known for his record-setting deep-sea dives, played a pivotal role in Triton’s journey. His unwavering determination to reach the ocean’s deepest points spurred Triton to develop the groundbreaking Triton 36000/2, known as the ‘Limiting Factor’ (LF). This vessel has redefined deep-sea exploration, enabling repeated, daily dives to previously unreachable depths in the Hadal Zone. The LF’s capabilities have not only advanced scientific research but also illuminated the hidden wonders of the deep ocean.

Triton Submarines
Triton Submarines

Triton’s influence extends beyond the realm of scientific discovery, as exemplified by its collaboration with Ray Dalio’s Ocean X, a non-profit organisation dedicated to sparking public interest in marine environments. Ocean X’s ‘OceanExplorer’, equipped with two Triton 3300/3 MKII submersibles, has been instrumental in media production and education.

These submersibles have played a crucial role in the production of the BBC’s ‘Blue Planet II’ and the upcoming National Geographic and Disney series ‘OceanXplorers’. Renowned for their range from 100 metres to full ocean depth, Triton’s submersibles are the preferred choice for researchers and documentarians, as evidenced in projects like the ‘Giant Squid’ documentary and ‘Expedition Deep Ocean.’

Patrick Lahey, CEO and Co-Founder of Triton Submarines, often remarks that witnessing the ocean from a submersible is a transformative experience, turning anyone into an advocate for the ocean’s preservation.   

by Elena Leo, Director of Editorial at WAWW