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Anguilla Area Guide: How to Get Around Different Regions


Stretching approximately 16 miles from the East End to the West End and measuring 3 miles at its broadest point, Anguilla offers a central thoroughfare, facilitating travel across the island. While traversing the length of Anguilla typically takes around forty-five minutes, the journey is punctuated by numerous beaches, dining spots, attractions, and more. Remember, driving occurs on the left side, and the occasional honk is part of the island’s rhythm.

As a British Overseas Territory spanning 35 square miles and inhabited by approximately 15,753 residents, Anguilla boasts an array of enchanting landscapes and cultural landmarks. The capital, The Valley, serves as the hub of administrative activity and radiates its unique charm. From the flat coral and limestone plains to the imposing Crocus Hill towering at 240 feet, Anguilla’s terrain narrates its rich narrative. Delve into the ecological significance of the island through its vibrant coral reefs and pristine beaches like Blowing Rock and Sandy Island.

Guide to Anguilla

Exploring Anguilla's Different Regions

What are the different areas in Anguilla and what are their main attractions? Anguilla is characterized by distinct districts, each offering a unique ambiance and an array of attractions. Here’s an overview of the main areas in Anguilla and their highlights:

the Valley Anguilla
The Valley - Anguilla

The Valley:

Overview: Serving as the island’s capital and administrative nucleus.

Highlights: Government facilities, historic landmarks, and cultural hubs.

West End Anguilla
West End - Anguilla

West End:

Overview: Situated on the western tip, it is renowned for its scenic allure.

Attractions: Pristine shores, upscale resorts, and breathtaking sunset vistas.

East End Anguilla
East End - Anguilla

East End:

Overview: Embracing a laid-back vibe on the island’s eastern frontier.

Highlights: Shoal Bay, famed for its white sands and crystalline waters.

Blowing Point Anguilla
Blowing Point - Anguilla

Blowing Point:

Overview: Serving as a bustling port with ferry connections to neighbouring isles.

Attractions: Gateway for island hopping and exploration.

Sandy Ground Anguilla
Sandy Ground - Anguilla

Sandy Ground:

Overview: A vibrant locale brimming with entertainment and nocturnal delights.

Highlights: Beachside bars, live music scenes, and a lively ambiance.

Shoal Bay Anguilla
Shoal Bay - Anguilla

Shoal Bay:

Overview: Home to one of the Caribbean’s most renowned beaches.

Attractions: Soft sands, azure waters, and beachfront establishments.

Island Harbour Anguilla
Island Harbour - Anguilla

Island Harbour:

Overview: A charming fishing village nestled on the northeastern coast.

Highlights: Local fishing culture, seafood eateries, and tranquil surroundings.

Meads Bay Anguilla
Meads Bay - Anguilla

Meads Bay:

Overview: Famed for its opulent resorts and upscale accommodations.

Attractions: Fine dining options, pristine beaches, and exclusive retreats.

Crocus Bay Anguilla
Crocus Bay - Anguilla

Crocus Bay:

Overview: A serene bay exuding a laid-back atmosphere.

Highlights: Scenic vistas, tranquil waters, and a serene environment.

Little Bay Anguilla
Little Bay - Anguilla

Little Bay:

Overview: A secluded enclave accessible by boat or adventurous hike.

Attractions: Remote beachfront, snorkelling spots, and blissful atmosphere.

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Guide to Anguilla Different Areas Getting Around Anguilla