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Villa Stéphanie is an oasis of health and wellbeing, nestled in the private grounds of Brenners Park-Hotel and Spa in Baden-Baden. It’s otherwise known as “The House of Wellbeing,” a historic villa, located in the centre of the historic spa town, has acquired a reputation of a go-to address for the jet-set élite and retreat lovers who seek to rejuvenate their bodies and calm their minds.  This five-star property is a jewel in the architectural crown of Baden-Baden, a picturesque spa town in south-western Germany. With 5,000 square meters dedicated to wellness and 1,700 square meters given to medical care, it has established itself as a plush one-stop solution for those who value an integrated approach to health, medical care and wellbeing.   Inside is a haven of escapism, with a 500 square-metre sauna, plunge pool, private gym, hammam, and well-designed treatment rooms and a cutting-edge medical spa that overlooks endless surrounding luscious greenery.


There are beautifully designed treatment rooms, top quality spa facilities with private changing rooms, sauna and steam rooms, a state-of-the-art gym with an additional yoga studio and a stunning Roman-style indoor pool, attentive staff, secure private and valet parking, and gourmet food. Qualified diet chefs and nutritionists create specific menus that are discussed and adapted to the needs of each guest. The vital kitchen focusses on a well-balanced low calorie, detoxifying or anti-allergic meals, using only fresh locally sourced, regional, products.


Health seekers, zen seekers, spa lovers, romantic couples, families.


The Baden-Baden elite, international celebrities, royalty, female retreats.


  • Relax and unwind: Time runs slowly at the House of Wellbeing.        
  • Enjoy custom-tailored, high-end programmes: The House of Wellbeing offers individual goal-specific programmes, instead of ready-made packages. Start off by getting a basic or comprehensive medical check-up; opt for packages for detoxing, weight-loss, boosting your immune system, postpartum or antenatal programmes; golf-lovers can train to improve your golf swing, whilst fitness enthusiast can improve their flexibility or strength or boxing techniques.
  • Try unique and unusual treatments: You’re in the best hands with top quality therapists, ranging from craniosacral therapy and shiatsu to qigong and mindfulness treatments.
  • Mix and match programmes: Combine a full medical check-up with a wellness programme. From botox to detox, the spa offers both medical and wellness services. Visiting the House of Wellbeing is like going to a private clinic, a gorgeous spa and an alternative holistic retreat, all at the same time. 
  • Wind back time: Aka anti-ageing 101 procedures. Therapies on offer aid the body from top to bottom, try face rejuvenation and lymphatic massage, to skin tightening and vitamin deficiency screening – the list is long!
  • Achieve a specific goal: Your dreams can be a reality. Be it advancing your Pilates or yoga practice, losing 10 kg or running a marathon, anything is possible! 
  • Romance in style: It’s ideal for a short, private, indulgent break. The city is easily accessible from everywhere in Europe and the hotel is both surrounded by nature and set in a close proximity to high-end entertainment venues such as a casino, cool bars and Michelin-starred restaurants.
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Brenners Park Hotel


  • You are looking for a party: It’s not for those looking for something garish,the hotel and spa is for those seeking a serene and quiet retreat.
  • You fancy some isolation: Villa Stéphanie is set amidst a gorgeous private park, but you can’t escape civilization in the centre of Baden-Baden.


  • Feel pampered: It’s guaranteed that after a week of being waited on hand and foot you are going to feel more relaxed than a Zen master.
  • Be transformed: If you are disciplined and can follow instructions, you can expect measurable results. Just don’t forget to choose a programme with a realistic goal and follow your therapists and doctors’ advice.
  • Reboot your system: You can recharge your body and reboot your digestive system. Dr Harry F. König’s ‘The Kings Way’ will personally help you during an intense detoxification process that often results in visible weight-loss. 
  • Improve your health knowledge: Brenners Park Hotel and Spa only hire top-level trainers and specialists who will walk and talk you through the stages of your progress. This way you can keep good habits long after leaving Baden-Baden.


Baden-Baden sits on the southern border of Germany, making it one of the country’s sunniest regions. Any time of the year is good, but the hotel and spa look particularly heavenly during the summer months when its famous garden is basking in glorious sunshine, making it an ideal place to soak-up some sun in the luxury of the private park. Summer allows you to enjoy hiking, biking, climbing and golf, which the region is famous for. In colder seasons, it’s a great antidote to winter blues with its wellness, fitness and medical programmes that feature massages, healthy gourmet food and rejuvenation programmes. 


Wellness enthusiasts looking for:

  • Body massages by expert specialist
  • Cranial sacral massage
  • Signature body wraps
  • Ayurvedic massages
  • Pregnancy massage

Fitness fanatics wanting:

  • Private training tailored with laser precision for any needs from muscle gain and weight loss to postnatal and injury recovery. Coaches can help you hone any imaginable sports skill – be it a golf swing or a boxing punch           
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Walking and hiking
  • Water aerobics
  • Qigong

Medical seekers in search for:

  • Preventative holistic healthcare  
  • Dental aesthetics
  • Aesthetic medicine
  • Physiotherapy


  • Facials and other aesthetic beauty treatments are lovely, but lack originality and imagination – you can find identical offers in most five-star hotels.
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Brenners Park Hotel


  • Contact the spa to book your treatments in advance, because top therapists get booked up by spa members, especially during weekends.
  • Discover a stunning contemporary designed couples spa suite, equipped with a sauna, jacuzzi and a rainforest shower. 
  • Shop at Eden Being boutique for spa essentials and pool accessories, like sunglasses, swimwear, kaftans and beach bags.
  • Relax by the garden pool and enjoy its beauty and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Satisfy your inner gourmand by having a breakfast buffet in the main building. Every spa guest can join. On a sunny day, enjoy an al fresco breakfast in the garden. 
  • If the spa and hotel gym isn’t enough, get fit at the elite tennis club, or at Baden-Baden’s oldest golf course. The hotel’s concierge will be happy to arrange the details.
  • Enjoy Villa Stéphanie’s hot and cold teas at Le Salon lounge.
  • It’s the best place to detox or try a weight-loss programme, surrounded by natural beauty and top end facilities.


  • A stunning private yoga suite.
  • There’s a private training suite with power plates and other unique training equipment.
  • Enjoy the spacious river view pool, with a garden terrace and abundant sun loungers.
  • Relax in the mixed sauna and steam rooms. There’s also a women-only sauna, a plunge pool and a relaxation area. 


Don’t be put off by the naked spa as nudity is the norm in German saunas.  

Book a Treatment in the Couples Treatment Room at the Spa
Book a treatment in the couples treatment room at the spa


Day packages: Arrive early and start the day with breakfast in the main building. Take advantage of the gym and other sports facilities, enjoy a treatment, relax in a sauna. Have lunch in the garden followed by a swim in the pool and healthy afternoon snacks. When it comes to food, the kitchen can deal with even the most complicated dietary requirements. Couples have the option of a private duplex suite. 

Weekend breaks (3 days/ 2 nights): Take the time to enjoy yoga classes, the gardens, the private steam rooms and saunas. Try daily training and learn about your body, as well as setting and achieving fitness goals with one of the coaches and therapists.

One-week wellness retreat:   These tailor-made programmes cover wellness, fitness and diet. While it’s not a cheap option by any standard, you still save money as no unnecessary packages or treatments are pushed on you for no reason. Start with getting a full blood test, a diet plan and a course of treatments. Take full advantage of highly qualified specialists who can both treat and educate you. You are guaranteed to have a busy schedule of daily fitness, targeted body treatments, medical procedures and talks.


The dress code at Brenners Park-Hotel and Spa doesn’t scream money, it whispers wealth. The Germans’ idea of luxury is practical and down to earth clothes propped by statement accessories like watches, bags, shoes or jewellery. If you find yourself short of anything, the hotel’s beautiful boutique (rightfully named Eden Being) is a one-pit stop for stylish garments and accessories from the world’s top brands. Feeling lazy? Don’t fret, it’s ok to lounge around in your bathrobe. 


It’s one of those rare child-friendly spas, where the staff understands every parent’s need to have a stress-free weekend and bond with their kids. Convenient secure parking makes it easy to manage bags and buggies, while all-seeing staff is always at hand to assist. Children can be present when you train in a private suite. You can lose them at 4:00 pm – it’s time for a splash hour in the pool. Private shower rooms make it easier to manage changing with a bunch of little ones. The hotel provides a reliable nanny service. Kids can play in the garden or be escorted to Lichtentaller Allee, a historic park and arboretum, set out as a 2.3 km strolling avenue along the west bank of the river Oos in Baden-Baden. It has many playgrounds and activities for children.


Five-star hotels are notorious culprits for creating waste. Brenners Park-Hotel and Spa promotes sustainability, avoiding as much as possible plastic while adhering to standards of the highest hygiene and sumptuous luxury. Their other initiative is choosing local suppliers (where possible) and developing their own range of local herbal teas and honey.


Winter in Baden Baden at Lichtentaler Allee by Brenners Park Hotel Spa
Winter in Baden-Baden at Lichtentaler Allee by Brenners Park-Hotel Spa
Five Star Spa in Baden Baden Germany
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