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Solo Female Travel in 2024: Best Destinations to Visit

2024 Solo Female Travel Index: Best Destinations to Visit as a Female Solo Traveller2024 Solo Female Travel Index: Best Destinations to Visit as a Female Solo Traveller

The survey conducted for the 2024 Solo Female Travel Index utilised a comprehensive and methodical approach to rank cities based on factors critical to solo female travellers: safety, cost, gender equality, and tourism.

Solo travel has risen in popularity in the last two years, and that trend is set to continue. In fact, a survey by has revealed that 54 percent of women are planning on taking a solo trip this year. The latest comprehensive research by InsureMyTrip 62 cities on pivotal aspects like safety, cost, gender equality, and tourism.

2024 Solo Female Travel Index Best Destinations to Visit As a Female Solo Traveller

Premier Destinations for Solo Female Travellers

Munich leads the pack with an overall score of 7.36, showcasing a remarkable improvement and underscoring its commitment to gender equality and safety. Madrid holds steadfastly in second place, scoring 7.21, with zero tolerance for legal discrimination and a rich variety of cultural offerings.

London’s spectacular rise to the third spot, boasting a score of 7.03, is a testament to its magnetic tourism appeal, capturing 112 billion TikTok views. Lisbon and Barcelona follow, with scores of 6.91 and 6.84, respectively, each presenting a blend of historical allure and modern vibrancy.

Notably, Dubai (6.79), Berlin (6.71), Chiang Mai (6.71), Amsterdam (6.70), and Copenhagen (6.69) also make the top 10, highlighting the diverse options available for solo female adventurers seeking both safety and enrichment.


Safety Concerns

Safety is a critical concern for solo travelers. Medina in Saudi Arabia secures the top safety score for the third consecutive year at 9.08. Chiang Mai and Dubai also rank highly, providing peace of mind for women exploring alone. On the flip side, cities like Johannesburg, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, and Delhi are flagged for their lower safety scores, advising extra caution for travellers.

Gender Equality

The study spotlights Germany as a leader in gender equality, with Munich and Berlin earning top scores. Brussels, Dublin, Madrid, and Barcelona also rank highly, ensuring equitable treatment and fostering a welcoming atmosphere for female travellers.

On the other hand, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, with cities like Johor Bahru, Penang Island, Kuala Lumpur, Riyadh, and Medina, underscore the ongoing struggle for gender equality in certain destinations.

Best Destinations to Visit As a Female Solo Traveller4

The Affordability Score:

Top affordable cities, such as Jaipur, Chennai, and Delhi, have low daily travel costs, making them attractive destinations for budget-conscious solo female travelers. For instance, Jaipur tops the list with a daily travel cost of just $19, earning a perfect affordability score of 10.

Best Destinations to Visit As a Female Solo Traveller