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The Best European Capitals for Weekend Getaways in 2024

prague_EDIT_Newmarket-HolidaysThe Best European Capitals for Weekend Getaways in 2024

In the list of 2024’s European escapades, London, Prague, and Sofia reign supreme for weekend wonders this year, a new report has found.

Imagine a weekend sprinkled with the sparkle of Europe’s most vibrant capitals! This year, London, Prague, and Sofia have emerged as the crème de la crème for those fleeting yet fabulous getaways. According to the latest buzz from Slot.Day’s study, these cities are not just about the sights but also about the nights!


The winners: top European cities for a weekend break in 2024

London, an ever-buzzing hive of excitement, is where you’ll find an astounding 854 nightlife spots that have partygoers raving. Despite being a bit of a splurge, with hotel costs averaging €116.9 per person per night, the sheer variety of bars, clubs, and pubs makes it worth every penny.

Half a world and half the price away, Prague‘s allure lies in its array of award-winning beers and an impressive 418 nightlife haunts, all without breaking the bank. At €58.9 per night, Prague’s hotels offer a cosy retreat after a night of Czech revelry.

Sofia, Bulgaria’s summer darling, doesn’t lose its charm in the off-season. With 112 top-rated spots to let loose and a gentle nudge of just €41.9 per night for accommodation, it’s a bargain for the bashful and the bold alike.


Other top cities in Europe to visit for a weekend in 2024

But wait, there’s more! Rounding out the top ten are Skopje, Tirana, Bucharest, Belgrade, Warsaw, Berlin, and Sarajevo. Each boasts a perfect blend of lively nights and light-on-the-wallet stays. Skopje leads the pack with budget-friendly stays at an average of €38.1 per night, closely followed by Tirana and Sofia.

On the flip side, Bern, Reykjavik, and Valetta, while oozing with charm, might pinch your pocket a bit more. Bern, with its steep €139.8 per night and a mere seven top-tier nightlife spots, sits at the bottom of the weekend getaway wishlist. Reykjavik, despite its 41 high-rated hangouts, asks for a hefty €122.1 per night. And Valletta, with only seven spots to show off and a hotel tag of €99.8 per night, might just have you thinking twice.

So there you have it—a whirlwind tour of Europe’s finest for your weekend wanderlust. Pack light, but pack with excitement, because these capitals are calling!

By Elena Leo, WAWW Guides Director of Editorial

the Best European Capitals for Weekend Getaways in 2024