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Fritz and FelixFritz and Felix, source:

If you are a wine buff, a regular bar might not be enough for you. Don’t fret – we asked Pia von Drabich, one of the most trusted wine experts in Germany, this very burning question: where to find great wine in Baden-Baden? Pia, who also owns the online wine shop Weinhelden so it seemed only fitting to ask her about the city’s finest wine establishments. Chin chin, it’s wine o’clock!

Rizzi+ the Grill
Rizzi+ The Grill, source:

1. Rizzi + The Grill

Strong point: An award-winning wine list with unusual bottles

This modern yet classy restaurant sits inside Baden-Baden’s most famous hotel – Brenners Park-Hotel and Spa. Consequently, the restaurant maintains the highest quality of service and food to satisfy all generations. It’s famous for a prohibition-style lively bar, the green ethos and sharing plates from locally sourced ingredients. The wine list, which includes educational musings from the Master of Wine, received the VINUM “German Wine List Award”. If you fancy a bottle of Romanee-Conti drop by but remember – no bottles or corks can leave the premises. The best time at the bar is early evening, just before dinner. 

Fritz and Felix
Fritz and Felix, source:

2. Fritz and Felix

Strong point: An extensive wine list with some rare bottles

Both Rizzi and The Grill are run by the Scherck family, who are synonymous with restaurants and entertainment business in Baden-Baden. Great taste and deep pockets allowed them to hire fantastic sommeliers and acquire great vintages from all over the world. While Rizzi is famous for its massive outdoor terrace, The Grill inside of the casino is the only restaurant where you can gamble and drink at the same time.

Le Jardin De France
Le Jardin de France. source:

3. Le Jardin de France

Strong point: Fantastic French bottles at fair prices

The restaurant is run by Sophie and Stephan Bernhard, who came to Baden-Baden in 1998 from neighbouring Alsace. Thus, the menu is French, so is the wine list. Stephan had gained experience at many starred restaurants before earning himself a coveted mark of distinction from the Michelin guide. The wine list that Sophie put together looks like chapters of “War and Peace” – it’s massive! Luckily, Madam Bernhard is a source of knowledge on both German produce and fine French wines. Prices are fair because wines are often purchased straight from producers. If you are after great French vintages, Le Jardin de France might pleasantly surprise you.

Monte Christo Tapasbar
Monte Christo Tapasbar, source:

4. Monte Christo Tapasbar

Strong point: Interesting selection of Spanish wines by bottle or by the glass

With its creative menu and carefully chosen wine selection, this restaurant brings traditional Spanish and a splash of Mexican flavours to the Black Forest. You can stop by for a glass of wine, end up staying for dinner and leave with a bottle in hand (Monte Christo operates as a wine shop too). The atmosphere is relaxed and informal with a cosy decor. 

Maltes Hidden Kitchen, source: Malte Kuhn /Maltes hidden kitchen

5. Maltes Hidden Kitchen

Strong point: Concept menu with wines to pair

A coffee house during the day and a restaurant by night – Maltes Hidden Kitchen is a double agent in the Baden-Baden food scene. Modern and flavoursome dishes are cooked four days a week behind a sliding panel that opens to a literal “Hidden Kitchen”. We recommend you order food with suggested accompanying wines.

Wintergarten in Brenners Park Hotel
Wintergarten in Brenners Park Hotel, source:

6. Wintergarten in Brenners Park-Hotel

Strong point: Award-winning wine list with a stunning garden view

Brenners Park Hotel’s second and more formal restaurant has the same wine list as lively Fritz und Felix, so rest assured – your sommelier did a great job and won an award to prove it. The food concept is radically different though – regional ingredients reimagined in a Mediterranean menu. The setting is formal yet enchanting thanks to the surrounding private park.

Raubs Landgasthof
Raubs Landgasthof, source:

7. Raubs Landgasthof

Strong point: A hidden gem with a cellar full of liquid gold

Your knowledge of wine will be tested at Raubs Landgasthof, simply because their list as well as their cellar is enormous. People tend to forget about Raubs Landgasthof, probably due to its location in Kuppenheim, 10 km north of Baden-Baden. But this rustic and charming place is well worth a visit – just ask Michelin guide inspectors who awarded it a shiny star. Wolfgang Rauf is the master of classic French cuisine with a local twist. Most wines are bought directly from the pro himself.

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