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„The Legend“ – Medical-Fitness, Physiotherapy and Spa par excellence

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An in-depth review of Baden-Baden’s most advanced Fitness-Club

The Legend Prime Fitness Club is one of Baden-Badens most renowned destinations for all things health and wellbeing. It’s located right in the very heart of the picturesque and world-famous spa-town in the southwest of Germany.

While the name might suggest an elite gym like we have seen plenty before, the vision of founder and mastermind Lili Goschy is far from that. Her holistic approach to intertwine medical knowledge, fitness and mental health into a tightly knit concept is nothing short of visionary. All this comes together in a mesmerizing historic building, stressing the almost muted yet highly professional and luxurious tone.

Visiting The Legend will propel you to whatever goal you want to achieve. Recovering from injury, getting fit and lean or simply cutting out the noise while being treated in the fabulous spa, both memories and results are there to last.

the Legend

Top features: Where to start? Upon entering The Legend, you are greeted by the friendliest staff and beautifully designed interior, immediately feeling like you have come to an oasis of expertise and professionalism. A state-of-the-art gym under an enormous glass dome, private changing rooms and top-quality spa facilities are inviting you to discover the various treatments on offer. Lili Goschy and her associate Phillip Strickfaden have come a long way displaying decades of expertise without being too flashy about it. Purpose is greater than pleasure, they say; well, here you are about to experience both with equal attention to detail.

Best for:

  • Local high achievers on a tight schedule
  • international guests not about to skip “leg-day”
  • everyone recovering from injury on the lookout for the best physiotherapy in the entire Black-Forest region.

Popular with: The Baden-Baden elite who appreciates being among themselves. The intimate and private
charm of The Legend whispers wealth but never excludes anyone from the outside to feel
welcome and treated like a royal.

the Legend

Reasons to visit:

  • Recover from injury: The emphasis is to pinpoint injuries’ origins and treat them with a holistic approach. Specific symptoms might profit from an in-depth evaluation leading to the best treatment possible. Medical knowledge combined with high spirits and top-notch technology will have you up on your feet in no time.
  • Custom tailored Personal Training: After an extensive physical check-up, your dedicated personal trainer will hand and execute a detailed training plan for you to reach your goals in a focused and healthy manner.
  • Soothing wellness and luxury cosmetics: A variety of high-end treatments stimulating both body and mind. Cell-activation, detox and acupressure programs are just the tip of the treatment-iceberg.
  • Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT): Sure, climbing mountains in the Black Forest seems like an obvious activity, but did you know that you can train in a hypoxic state while being pampered and protected by professional therapists in-house? IHT is a non-invasive method to regenerate, revitalize and boost your entire system.
  • Burnout-Treatment: Admitting to being burnt out is an obstacle of its own. Once there, The Legend will expertly be by your side treating both physical and psychological quirks resulting of Burnout.
Better not go if:
  • You want to hit the dancefloor: The Legends overall tone is muted and professional. No gut-wrenching bass is blasted through the PA and there is no need to boast about your achievements. Instead, this place lets you focus, relax and improve.
  • You seek water activities: The institute does neither provide a pool or a sauna. Its sole purpose is to emphasize on state-of-the-art treatments and letting you reach set goals while guided by highly trained professionals.

When is the best time to go?

Since The Legend doesn’t offer any outside areas, weather is left out of the equation. You can go there at any of the seasons and train in house. They do offer plenty of outside activities though, ranging from training sessions at the Golfclub Baden-Baden in summer to cross-country skiing during winter. It’s on you to communicate needs and wishes. They will make it happen.

the Legend

Recommentded for:

Medical seekers in search for:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Preventive holistic healthcare
  • Recovering from injury
  • Ultra-sonic treatments
  • Fascia-therapy
  • Physical workout to tackle anxiety and depression
  • And many more…

Fitness fanatics wanting:

  • Personal training custom tailored for any needs
  • Cross-training
  • Endurance training
  • IHT
  • ESM
  • Power-Plate
  • Posture correction
  • And many more

Wellness enthusiasts looking for:

  • Body massages by expert specialist
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Body peeling
  • Vital massage
  • Lymph massage
  • Reflexology
  • And many more…
the Legend

Spa facility highlights:

  • An enormous gym with a glass-dome roof, letting you train in sunlight while protected from the outside world.
  • Laser-precise Personal Training plans custom tailored for you individually.
  • A cozy bar for chatter and that delicious post-workout-shake.
  • Spacious and private shower area.
  • The pure joy, hospitality and professionalism brimming out of every room inside The Legend.


the Legend

Waww’s favorite packages to try:

  • One Day Wellness Treatment: This is for the ever-busy person still wanting a day to treat themselves with something special. An entire day with professional guidance. Treatments range from a Brush-Massage in the morning to Yoga and Animal-Athletics before lunch. The afternoon is all about endurance training and a fantastic Osteokos treatment.
  • Weight loss / Detox-Week: If you happen to deliberately cut out a chunk of time to care about only yourself, this is a full week exploring the various treatments The Legend has to offer. It’s the perfect equilibrium of detoxifying, sports and luxurious wellness treatments.

Final Thoughts: It’s not every day, that you find this much of expertise gathered under one roof. Whenever visiting Baden-Baden, be sure to call The Legend and ask for sessions as you please. They will be sure to assist you on whatever it is you are seeking. If you happen to live in the area, you should get in touch ASAP and start your personal transformation at your new favorite hub for all things health and fitness. We at WAWW have nothing more to do than confidently handing out an enormous sign of approval.


Address: Luisenstrasse 32, 76530 Baden-Baden, Germany

Phone: +49 7221 3029474


By Emanuel Prestele

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