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Liliane GoschyLiliane Goschy

Lili Goschy shares her journey to becoming “The Legend” – Inside and Out

The Legend Prime Fitness Club” is one of Baden-Badens most renowned destinations for all things health and wellbeing. It’s located right in the very heart of the picturesque and world-famous spa-town in the southwest of Germany.

While the name might suggest an elite gym like we have seen plenty before, the vision of founder and mastermind Lili Goschy is far from that. Her holistic approach to intertwine medical knowledge, fitness, and mental health into a tightly knit concept is nothing short of visionary. All this comes together in a mesmerizing historic building, stressing the almost muted yet highly professional and luxurious tone.

Visiting The Legend will propel you to whatever goal you want to achieve. Recovering from injury, getting fit and lean or simply cutting out the noise while being treated in the fabulous spa, both memories and results are there to last.

Liliane Goschy

Q. Describe your journey from an avid sports-nut to becoming a successful business-owner.


Well, you usually don’t have big plans when you’re four years old. But that is when the seed planted itself. My mother enrolled me into a ballet-class, and I stuck with it for 16 years. Of course, things evolve, so I actively practiced gymnastics, jazz-dance and Taekwondo. I must have been roughly 17 years of age, when I first stepped foot into a fitness-center. I was immediately fascinated of a biceps suddenly popping out of nowhere. First, I started doing what most people do: focus on aesthetics. Though, as I graduated from school and started an education as a physiotherapist, time is scarce. Still, I stuck with it, as it was obvious to me that my knowledge in all things fitness highly benefit my work with patients as a physiotherapist. As I started implementing concepts which had its origin in fitness into physiotherapy, I immediately saw stunning results in my patient’s recovery.

Q. Where did your idea for the business derive from?

A. Back in the day, no one was talking about medical training. So, it really evolved naturally. I rented out a space at an established fitness-center and started to work on patients with the tools and the knowledge that I knew needed to coexist. Really, there was no competition and it seemed obvious to populate that niche. At the same time, Power-Plate came into fashion, and while the fitness center bought a bunch, I was able to use them for my own clients. At the same time, Frank Lankers, who had Power-Plate sessions while on vacation, found me while researching and became my very first client. That’s when it struck me: I wanted to work on clients one-on-one. There was no demand for personal training back then. It surely is today, and I was able to ride that wave from the very beginning.

Q. Considering the fierce competition in today’s fitness industry, how would you highlight your competitive advantages?


While Baden-Baden has over 25 institutions with a high emphasis on physiotherapy, our approach is unique. Most competitors focus on remedial gymnastics in the realms of physiotherapy, while we at The Legend bring physical exercise and prevention-medicine in alignment. Our competitors simply never touch the subject of physical sports. Also, we are fortunate to have exceptional staff, accumulating a wide array of in-depth knowledge.

Liliane Goschy
Liliane Goschy

Q. How are you able to keep your staff engaged and motivated?

A. Well, we do offer annual bonuses to our staff for achieving certain milestones. But really, we are not looking for puppet-employees. On the contrary, we offer them a platform to developpe and focus on their personal strengths. Also, communication is key. We don’t have static rules of engagement. Instead, we are open to learn from our employees, just as they are to be inspired by us and their collogues. That is beneficial to everyone involved: us as a business, our staff and equally important, our clients.

Q. What are the main principles you follow to establish strong customer relations?

A. It basically comes down to talking to them, staying engaged, being present. As the services of The Legend range from physiotherapy and personal training all the way to wellness treatments and cosmetics, it is vital for each member of staff to be in the loop on the current state of each patient individually. That gets noticed, believe you me. Our clients see that they’re in the hands of highly trained professionals all aiming to achieve the exact same goals.

Liliane Goschy
Liliane Goschy

Q. Baden-Baden is a famous spa-town in the Black Forest. Did the choice of location come naturally, or was it chosen strategically?

A. It really came naturally. I grew up in the general area of Baden-Baden and didn’t like the city too much back then. But as my vision started to manifest, I started to look for potential places for my new business. Baden-Baden as a city has some of the most picturesque architecture, and I was lucky enough to finding a space that matched my expectations. Also, the city is populated by lots of high achievers glad to invest in their health and overall fitness. And of course, people visit Baden-Baden specifically to get medical treatment, recover from injury and dwell upon the stunning scenery. Ancient hot springs, the proximity to Alsace and the international Airport in Frankfurt make the city a top destination from travelers around the world.

Q. What are your hidden inspiration sources? How do you generate new ideas?

A. It all comes down to communication. My partner Phillip Strickfaden and I speak daily. Naturally, we’re adventurous when it comes to discovering new ideas. And as always, it’s best to just verbalize it and see where it goes from there. Once your thoughts are out there, they start to either manifest into something great, or we both conclude to best settle and move on. Also, we get a lot of inspiration both from our employees as well as researching global trends, science and technology.

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