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New Zealand, recently voted by Rough Guides readers as the world’s most beautiful country, beckons travellers with its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage. But beyond the vistas lies an exciting opportunity: The Hotel Britomart in Auckland now offers a unique regenerative travel experience. Guests can explore New Zealand’s native bush, learn about local traditions, and actively contribute to reforestation—all while leaving a positive impact on the environment and community.

the Hotel Britomart

What’s the initiative?

The Hotel Britomart has partnered with Velskov, a regenerative New Zealand native forest farm located in Parau, just 25 kilometres west of Auckland’s CBD. This collaboration brings guests closer to the heart of New Zealand’s natural wonders.The half-day (four-hour) experience takes guests into New Zealand’s beautiful native bush. Here’s what you can expect:

Foraging Native Herbs and Plants: Guests learn to harvest native herbs and plant ingredients directly from the forest. These ingredients will later be used in a delicious taster, connecting travellers to the land and its bounty.

Local Traditions and Culture: The experience educates guests about local traditions, providing insights into the rich cultural heritage of New Zealand. It’s a chance to understand the deep connection between the land and its people.

Reforesting Native Bush: Participants actively contribute to reforesting native bush. They plant a native tree, leaving a lasting mark on the landscape. This initiative helps restore New Zealand’s rich biodiversity and sequester carbon for a greener future.

the Hotel Britomart

Why is it amazing?

Environmental Impact: With New Zealand having lost approximately 75 percent of its original native forest cover, initiatives like this are crucial. By participating, guests directly contribute to conservation efforts and the restoration of natural habitats.

Sustainable Travel: The Hotel Britomart recognises the importance of regenerative travel. As travellers become more conscious of their impact, experiences like Nourishing Nature allow them to engage with the environment in a meaningful way.

Net-Zero Carbon Emissions: The partnership aligns with New Zealand’s goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. By learning about sustainability and reforestation, guests take valuable knowledge back home.

the Hotel Britomart

How much does it cost?

The hotel guest rate is NZ$439 per person (approx. $ 267/£211) for a half-day trip (4 hours), including transport (Mercedes electric 6-seater with a dedicated driver) and a taster. There are two departure times per day, with minimum numbers required for bookings to proceed.

So, if you’re planning a trip to New Zealand, add the Nourishing Nature experience to your itinerary. Explore the native bush, taste the flavours of the land, and leave a positive footprint on this beautiful country. The adventure begins on June 1, 2024!


by Elena Leo, WAWW Director of Editorial