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Why weightlifting is the best Anti-Aging-Strategy

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How only 3 months of Liliane Goschy’s program will rejuvenate your entire system

Lili Goschy, founder and mastermind behind “The Legend” in Baden-Baden, has always paid close attention to both her physical and psychological wellbeing. Her institute for physiotherapy, medical fitness and high-end cosmetics is well known far beyond the famous Black Forest Spa-Town, and rightfully so.

As both a pioneer and absolute authority in the health industry, Lili Goschy thrives to educate. Not only with her clients at “The Legend”, but also with you.

In this article, she shares the most important steps to successfully stay in tip-top shape, especially, when your 20’s and 30’s have faded to a distant memory.

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  • To start with, it all comes down to developing the right mindset. As your body continues to age naturally, it is imperative to make your physical training a priority. You must get rid of excuses and exceptions. Even if it’s a mere 30-40 minutes per session, try to implement at least 4 sessions per week into your schedule.
  • Focus on a healthy diet. Not only should you have a core understanding of nutrition, but also make sure to schedule breakfast, lunch, and dinner to occur on a regular basis. If you get this right, there is no need to procrastinate in any shape or form.
  • A healthy sleep-pattern is just as important. Go to bed at a sensible time, rest your body and get up regenerated and full of energy.
  • Learn to listen to your body; if something feels off, take it seriously. See a doctor, get yourself checked and in conclusion be able to tackle change and work in unison with your body.
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Once those very broad rules are established, it’s time to get down to the details. In order for the entity of your organism to work properly, Liliane Goschy suggests:

  1. Strength-Training. Focus on becoming strong. Naturally, most woman are hesitant when they are suggested to work on their strength. Yet, for the entire musculoskeletal system to support us, it is imperative to train our muscles. The aim is to become strong and athletic while remaining a feminine physique.
  2. Cardio-Training. Working on your overall endurance boosts your metabolism to new heights. The combination of strength-training and cardio keeps your metabolism working, even if you retire to read a book or watch your favorite show.
  3. Drink water. Yes, we all know this one, yet this simple rule gets ignored far to often. We’ll repeat. Drink water.
  4. Avoid alcohol. This doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t celebrate your anniversary with a glorious glass of Champagne or accompany dinner with some beloved red wine; though, if you really want to succeed, try cutting back on alcohol as much as you can.
  5. Supplement on essential amino acids. Your body needs these essential amino acids to function properly. Ironically, your organism can’t produce them by itself. While it’s possible to intake them via your diet, it will be difficult to deliver enough of those cell-regenerating acids through soy, quinoa, or red meat. To avoid any deficiency, take a shortcut and supplement.
  6. Personal hygiene. In order to help your connective tissue to stay rejuvenated, Liliane recommends taking care of yourself with body-scrubs, various body-wraps and also nurturing your skin with beneficial oils.


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Liliane Goschy’s suggested morning routine:

  • Start your day with drinking hot water and fresh lemon. It immediately activates your digestion and prepares your system for the day.
  • Breakfast is key… Start the day with an abundance of fresh fruit.
  • Treat yourself with a brush-massage.
  • Be bold, overcome your fears and have a cold shower.
  • Nourish your skin with rich oils. Liliane prefers coconut or almond oils.
  • Enjoy life; sure, we all have daily chores or sorrows, but as silly as it might sound: focus on the things that bring joy to you.

Once these steps are incorporated into your daily routine, you have not only set the path to being healthy, but also will feel the boost of confidence that goes along with the all-new self-esteem your fit body has gifted to you. Yes, your mind will work on a whole new level. Yes, your system is far less prone to becoming sick. And yes, feeling fit and sexy only comes with perks, no quirks.

By Emanuel Prestele

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